FINAL FANTASY XIV  - FREE for 4 days on PC


Expires on 04/01/2018Found 5th Dec
2848431.jpgif follow the link, there's a bit more on the full Square Enix page, but it's all i could fit in the snapshot!

the link *should* display in English if click the appropriate language option (i originally found this on the Dealabs page in French!), but if not, suggest browse it in Chrome using the Google Translate extension.


Pretty sure this is ps4 as well

you need to have bought the game in the past for this to apply, otherwise the regular free trial up to i think level 35 applies

Fingers crossed this is PS4 aswell I really fancy trying this game

Yeah, this is the free login campaign for players who haven't logged in for over 30 days and are out of a subscription. Applies to PS4, not just PC.

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re PS4/Mac, so it does, Tidus221
if admin could tweak the title, perhaps???

also, i could be wrong, but as i understand it, you can also download the game client, and have a 4 day trial of FINAL FANTASY XIV???

32652654-8Wzav.jpgBought this absolutely years ago when first launched and was deemed so broken that people were allowed to play for free. I just logged to download client, have no expansions, so not sure what will happen. I seem to have a level 11 character called Skozios, some archer of something. I am not confident it will let me play, but will know in a couple hours when game is downloaded.

EDIT: Awwwwww I have a picture of my character.
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I used to play Final Fantasy XIV, then I took an arrow in the knee.
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