Final Fantasy XIV Online with Garlond Goggles £9.85 @ Shopto
Final Fantasy XIV Online with Garlond Goggles £9.85 @ Shopto

Final Fantasy XIV Online with Garlond Goggles £9.85 @ Shopto

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The price drop wasn't exactly unexpected considering the terrible reviews. And I'm posting this in the hopes people will differentiate between "a good deal" and "a good game".

Maybe some of you either have a morbid curiosity, or are a die hard FF fan, or love eye candy, or have a mate who wants to try it despite the reviews, etc. In either case it's now under £10, includes 30 days of gameplay and some skill-boosting goggles, so seems a good deal!


I was on the beta for FFXIV and it was terrible and apparently it's not improved since then. For £10 it's ok but you're missing out that after the first month its an extra ~£10 a month and to all the die hard fans, it's nothing like any other final fantasy game, they're just trying to use the name to sell it

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Yeah Boom, I've been playing since FFII (IV) on SNES.. I'm one of the older fans about. Haven't got this yet.. to be honest I will get it, if it's still < £10 tomorrow (I get paid), just because I want to see how much they messed it up - I'm curious!

Also let's not forget they are well aware of the critiscisms and are working day and night trying to improve it as we speak. If they iron out the major flaws, like the UI and controls, then for under ten pounds you might be geting yourself a bargain. They've also been extending the free play time, whilst they sort it out.

The monthly fee is nothing new for an MMO, be it good or bad. You want to see a real rip off, try lego universe.. I think they are in lala land charging £10 a month for that!

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Still a badly broken game - basically beta testing for PS3 version ... at least they are extending the free month to try and compensate.

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I think they've extended it twice so far

This game is scheduled to be announced as going free 2 play in the new year, i wouldnt buy it just yet. But its a good deal so have some heat.
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