Final Fantasy XIV - PS4 - Free PSN (Glitch)
Unless Im missing something, theres a glitch on Final Fantasy XIV thats letting me download it for free.

1. Search on PSN for it under 'Role Playing Games'
2. It says 'Choose version' and theres three identical versions, when you press one it shows as purchased but doesn't download.
3. go to your library and 'redownload' it. It will take you to a different FFXIV page and start to download but will still show the price as if you haven't purchased it.

I realise you need a sub to play it anyway but it has saved me the cost of the game


Its only a 14 day trial

Yeah its a trial, Sony sent out an email about it at the start of the month

Got me up outta my bed to try this! Cold!

It is Abit chilly this morning isn't it
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