Final Reductions in Play.com sale !!
Final Reductions in Play.com sale !!

Final Reductions in Play.com sale !!

Final Reductions in Play.com sale !!

Further price reductions across DVD, CD, Gadgets, Games and electronics.

Spotted a few £1.99 delivered items. Go through Quidco for a 2% cashback.


-4.4 degrees !? thats a bit harsh....suprised you havent just modded your own temp edi !

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No Ryooh....... Its someone with a 4.6 + capability who did this. The post already had 0.4 rating. So it is -4.4 now.

The same person wielded the knife on my camcorder post too. Spend a day on it.
Awarded a -4.6 rating this morning.

Wait... how does the rating thing work? I thought everyone had equal weighting on affecting the rating of each deal... or do some have more power than others?

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No, not really boonkoh.

Some people depending on their reputation (among other things) can boost and blast the temp scale.


[SIZE=1]Very harsh edi ... thanks for the tip on the final reductions, this probably means the sale will be ending soon, so grab those bargains while you can! [/SIZE]

Remember to go through quidco first.:thumbsup:

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[SIZE=2]Thanks 0d0d [/SIZE]

lol i wonder who did that then......

Hi, If you want to search the whole of play.com by price use the following search in google (without the quotes):

"site:play.com £2.99"

substitute the £2.99 to whatever price you are looking for. It will return all items at your selected price.



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Very handy Tip :wink:

Thanks pedro6994 :thumbsup:

Tried this on google, didn't work?

[SIZE=2]Only had time for a quick look but this caught my eye:[/SIZE]


Not sure how cheap it is elsewhere but this is a great item - had one at the office party and it's hilarious, especially as the night goes on and people's reactions degrade.


Oh, don't talk to me about that game. I dropped it in a bowl of sangria when it shocked me on Saturday night...!
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