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Free Access to Findmypast for a weekend
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Posted 7th Nov 2019Posted 7th Nov 2019
Free Access to Findmypast for a weekendFREE£0.01
For all you Ancestry buffs Findmypast are offering free access 8th-11 November 2019. I believe this access provides more records than the Ancestry free access as it is not just mi… Read more
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I got a few new hints late Sunday night. Does anyone know of any offers/deals on membership?


Absolutely milked this over the weekend, managed to get my paternal line back to 1602 and discovered our family name was changed too! I’ve used findmypast and ancestry together, FMP is my preferred but exporting from one to another occasionally throws up a missing link or two, thanks OP for sharing!


Unfortunately the site can't cope with the demand and has been unavailble on all of the checks I have made


I agree


Worth pointing out the free access starts at midday on Friday so if anyone tries to look at records before then, they will not be able to see anything without a subscription.... (y)

40% off any 1 or 6 month subscription to Find my Past
Posted 17th Feb 2019Posted 17th Feb 2019
40% off any 1 or 6 month subscription to Find my Past£5.57
As title says, offer is running until 31st March and can only be used once per user. I've used them before on one of these offers and find them very good, but I've got the £20 for … Read more

Can this be expired please? I don't have an expire button Thanks

FindMyPast - free access this weekend 9/11 - 12/11
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Posted 9th Nov 2018Posted 9th Nov 2018
FindMyPast - free access this weekend 9/11 - 12/11
Findmypast is offering 3 days of free access to all records to mark 100 years since the end of the First World War Findmypast is a searchable online archive … Read more

All I get is : Oops, we had trouble getting those results.Please try again or contact our Customer Support team for help. on every search I run.


The hint system FindMyPast seem to have put in place since I last used the site is useful at times, but the notifications of new hints seems broken. I did find some of the records were still locked up, notably ones for Electoral Register or Companies House.


I bet all them absconded dad's are sh!t!n6 bricks knowing that some kid will be knocking on their door next week.


Totally useless site


Do you need to submit/sell your DNA for it? :/

free access to Birth Death Census records until 8th Feb @ Find My past
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Posted 1st Feb 2018Posted 1st Feb 2018
free access to Birth Death Census records until 8th Feb @ Find My past
as above excludes 1939 census - may assist someone..

Thanks, I was able to confirm I was born on the day I thought I was born. It happened to be the exact same date as my birthday.


Nice find OP the wife will be happy she loves all this stuff 8) have some heat.


Deaths primarily . For research of course . Heat for 'c9off' .


"Definitely free for census, births deaths and marriages." I said the same information, as in this information, you said nothing about images. Let's just leave it shall we.


You can get images of the 1911 census on for free ? Where / how ? It says it is £10.99 per month when I look.

Find my past has  free access from June 22-26
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Posted 23rd Jun 2017Posted 23rd Jun 2017
Find my past has free access from June 22-26
Just register to get the free access.



Just saw this on the last day for free access, and found the record for my grandfather's grave (Cemetery record) He died in 1948 when my mum was a child, her and her sister have been searching all their adult lives for his grave.




Find my past? It cant even find me.


I've tried these free things with Ancestry and any documents I save are not available after the free period!

FindmyPast  Free Weekend 27th April - 1st May
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Posted 27th Apr 2017Posted 27th Apr 2017
FindmyPast Free Weekend 27th April - 1st May
From now until May 1st there is free access to Birth, Marriage and Census Records. Useful to start your Family Tree or in my case to add to it.
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This is good but come on folks, it's only 10 quid for a month sub. In my experience it's best to just work out which months you have the most time to dedicate to genealogy and then pay the 10 quid on those months. This can work out a lot cheaper than getting a yearly sub which you never get around to using and personally I always seem to find that I don't have the time to dedicate to this on the random free weekends.


Ok if you search the section birth, marriage,death and parish records or censuses 1841-1911, partial census of 1939 these are free, any other records e.g. electoral registers etc it will bring up the select a subscription page.


Definitely wants payment?


Ancestry is also free in Derbyshire libraries


Oh Christ, it's worse than you thought - It turns out my mam's a ****, you're my Dad AND my Nephew and we're fighting over custody of our stepson, which they can't work out is either me or you. And it turns out you owe me about 28 bags of Werther's Originals, or I'm telling the cops.

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Free Access to Irish Records on Find My Past 13th - 17 March
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Posted 13th Mar 2017Posted 13th Mar 2017
Free Access to Irish Records on Find My Past 13th - 17 March
Looks to be Irish records only - Still pretty good for a lot of people :) From 13-17 March 2017, you can access the largest collection of Irish records online for FREE. Unique rec… Read more

sods law i only seen this now, does this include nothern ireland or just the south?


link not working


There are good uses for these sites, in fact it's best to jump around as many websites as you can to gain whatever information you can find... the likes of Ancestry are good for creating an easy to navigate tree and attach the information you find to it. Mind you, it's taken years to build up a reasonable tree... It's a shame there's not a lot of free resources out there, and I find Ancestry's yearly subscription to be extortionate, if they brought the price down they'd probably get a lot more paying users!


I haven't done yet, but will do, thanks.


I hope you've cancelled the trial as they will start taking payments once the free trial is over...

Findmypast is free this weekend until 24.00 GMT Sunday 15 Jan
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Posted 13th Jan 2017Posted 13th Jan 2017
Findmypast is free this weekend until 24.00 GMT Sunday 15 Jan
Information from the Sussex Family History Facebook page Lost Cousins report that Findmypast is free this weekend until 24.00 GMT Sunday 15 Jan. Yo… Read more
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It's odd how this gets almost 200 degrees whilst every time someone posts a £1/month sub offer, the post never gets above 100.


Its mostly free. Thanks OP.


24 o'clock is that like eleventy past 0.00 gmt


You are right, I have just used it. Thank you.


What report? Not everything is free, for example you can't access the 1939 Register or see newspapers (although you can search on them). However, there is free access to Census records, Births etc. and Wills & Probates - as examples.

Find My Past - Free British military records until  13th November 2016
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Posted 11th Nov 2016Posted 11th Nov 2016
Find My Past - Free British military records until 13th November 2016
Records from ww1 and 2, Boer and Napoleonic for those researching their family tree.
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couldn't find nothing about my grandfather and i know he was in the 2nd world war and he died in 1968 also know hes fall name can't believe it didn't find nothing.


Er, maybe true! Update. Still no details found for (my) WW2 survivors. Also, on first WW1 veteran searched only one result returned (2 from and that was only a summary (still useful details) with a link to the image at where payment is required. See GlasgowGrey's post.


Not true. "We've made our entire collection of 70 million world military records FREE from 10-13 November 2016. Discover your most heroic ancestors today." Possibly the same records as on, in which case it majors on WW1 (army & navy). I could find no information on relatives involved in WW2 (RAF & Navy), however, thankfully, they all survived so maybe this data relates to those that didn't get through that conflagration. But did get some valuable information about extended family members from WW1.


Not free


It didn't ask me to pay,

One month Findmypast World Subscription - £1
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Posted 28th Jan 2016Posted 28th Jan 2016
One month Findmypast World Subscription - £1£1
FWJAN16 code works fine. Just remember to go into settings and untick the auto-renew box. I know it's not as good as ancestry and they've crippled the search somewhat over the la… Read more
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lazy - google wiki geneology and you'd find it. Still I'm a helpful person so


URL? :)


there are some ancestry sites for particular locations that are free and some libraries offer free access to ancestry or find my past. Find my past tends to be good for finding weddings when they aren't on ancestry.There's also a wiki geneology site, which is free but depends on people adding their ancestors.


There is FreeCen and FreeBMD + family search but I agree it's a shame there's not some charity offering a similar service. Don't forget that these websites do not own the copyright, that belongs to the National Archives. They do however own the copyright to their own transcriptions. If you have Welsh ancestors you can find a lot of info out in newspapers as many have been published online by their national library.


As said a couple of times you need to untick auto renew to stop this from happening. That said, I've made the mistake of not doing this, being charged and been given a refund after a bit of persistence.

Free Weekend Access Findmypast
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Posted 20th Jan 2016Posted 20th Jan 2016
Free Weekend Access Findmypast
Findmypast is doing it's free weekend again this weekend. All you have to do is sign up and you get free access to their family history records, or if you already pay, you will get… Read more

no scotland ive checked


Nope - Free everywhere and free for nearly everything


No Scotland


The OP post link works, the link in the comment above and it is on their home page. But here is another link from their site for it.


The link is dead, and they don't seem to mention it on their homepage.

1 year World Subscription to Find My Past Geneology £24.75 instead of £124.50!
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Posted 28th Nov 2015Posted 28th Nov 2015
1 year World Subscription to Find My Past Geneology £24.75 instead of £124.50!£24.75
Use code BFRIDAY15 to get 50% off all packages - takes World Subscription from £129.50 to £64.75 Top Cashback ( give £40 cashback for a World Subscription so wor… Read more

Several of these sites have free access weekends every few months, so unless it's urgent why pay at all - I've used free weekends and bulletin boards to go back to around 1850 over the past year or so, and don't forget the Mormons have free use as well on family search dot org. I've found that one site alone doesn't have all the available information, which is one reason for not paying any of them.

One month Findmypast Britain Subscription - £1
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Posted 26th Nov 2015Posted 26th Nov 2015
One month Findmypast Britain Subscription - £1£1
Use the code SAGAONLINE15 or just click on the link. Don't forget to untick 'auto-renew' to stop it automatically taking full payment for the next month. As for the service, I … Read more

"discount code is no longer valid" :(

FindMyPast - Free Weekend (September 18th to 21st)
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Posted 16th Sep 2015Posted 16th Sep 2015
FindMyPast - Free Weekend (September 18th to 21st)
From 12pm on BST Friday, September 18th to 12pm BST on Monday, September 21st, you’ll be able to access our collections of billions of family history records and millions of histor… Read more
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as above, signed up to try it. only docs available were electoral role records (not included in free weekend), useless, but then again as above I'm in Scotland too, probably no records covering Scotland.


Sounded cool so logged in to give it a try. Sadly it would seem that the only documents I can find myself or my parents on are the electoral role which of course is not included in with this free offer. Not sure if this is only down to Scotland coverage but looks like its not worth it from my POV. Hope someone else can get good use of it.


I don't like the confusion with 1200/12pm/12am. The 24 hour clock should be used and midnight either annotated as 2359 or 0001 depending on which day you mean... Anyway! Great post thanks for the info!


You're better off expressing your grievances towards this, here:,,-1752,00.html However, if something states 12pm, you can assume 12 noon, as 12:01pm comes right afterwards. It's a technicality, but one not many care about. Especially when most 12hr digital clock, mobile phones, etc read as 12:00am and 12:00pm. At the end of the day; it's all common sense. ;)


am = before midday pm = after midday 12am or 12pm make no sense

Find My Past 1 month trial £1.00! (Usually £12.95)
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Posted 11th Mar 2015Posted 11th Mar 2015
Find My Past 1 month trial £1.00! (Usually £12.95)£1
No code needed - once signed up can cancel anytime in your account FMP gives access to the 2 billion records on Findmypast, including millions of worldwide Birth, Marriage, Death… Read more

I used Find My Past when they did a month for £1 and they had free access Fri -mon this past weekend. In my opinion they are not as good as Ancestry site, used them over the last few years, everything about Ancestry site is much better than FMP. But it works for some people and at £1 its worth trying.


Go to library most of them have acsess to ancestry and find my past for free


I use it too, got a years free sub with my Times subscription. I've found it to be excellent, BUT you have to put some work in and have a bit of basic family knowledge. There is such a thrill in pulling up an old parish record of one of your ancestor's births or deaths in the 1600s and seeing not only the transcription, but a scan of the actual parish register as well. Awesome, and you can export your tree anytime as a GEDCOM file which can be read by a free genealogy programme like Legacy, so you don't have to maintain a subscription in order to keep your tree.


Birth death and marriage details should be there, and electoral roll info unless they have opted out of being on the edited version. Census records only available after 100 years so latest one available is 1911. I have used the site for years and find it great for family history as in ancestors rather than recent history. It has lots of military records as well as old newspapers. If anyone not having much luck with the searches I'm happy to help :-)


yeah, same here. Failed to find anything on my parents apart from one electoral role in 2002, so pretty useless

Find My Past Free Weekend
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Posted 4th Mar 2015Posted 4th Mar 2015
Find My Past Free Weekend
Between 12:00 on 6th March and 12:00 on 9th March, are offering free access.

Famous last words as once again Findmypast are plagued with "technical difficulties" on free weekend. "Our engineering team have been testing out various configurations of our servers over the past couple of weeks and have done a good job in correcting the recent issues that were cropping up intermittently. We feel confident that the extra website visitors we are expecting this weekend will not have a detrimental effect on site performance Our engineers have also recently made adjustments to server capacity, timing of results caching and other tweaks to ensure that a full set of results are delivered wherever possible. We will also be working right across the weekend to constantly monitor search response times and general site performance. Our engineering team have all the tools they need to make tweaks and add extra server capacity to ensure the best possible customer experience." Almost fault free access for me was between 1am to 5am Saturday. Started again at about 2pm and by 5pm "technical difficulties" became the norm.


Is it access to the same docs as ancestry ?


;) You got there before me hehe!


heat given great i normally use ancestry so will try this one this weekend


If you havent already registered new users get a free 14 days trial anyway, make sure you cancel before your 14 days are up else you will get charged. Go via quidco and get £1.50 for a free trial and up to £40 for a full sub.

Find My Past 1 month subscription for £1
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Posted 14th Nov 2014Posted 14th Nov 2014
Find My Past 1 month subscription for £1£1
We hope you enjoyed exploring Findmypast for free last weekend! It was great to hear that so many people made amazing discoveries in our records. To help you research even further… Read more
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Just signed up for a £1 -- brilliant, thanks op. N.B. Firstly if you already have an account then make sure you have signed out before coming back here and clicking on the supplied link with Get Deal, then at the top of that page click on 'PayAsYouGo or Subscribe' which then takes you to the signup page, scroll down to the bottom where the place to enter the discount code is. Enter JUST1POUND and click 'Apply'. You'll see that you can have the £1 deal after you have either logged in, or if you don't already have an account then fill in the form there with your particulars. Either of these will lead you on to the pay page. Voila!


The comment in my original post regarding the 'discount being applied after you click the button above' referred to a button in the original email I got which the text above is a copy of. PLEASE ONLY USE THE JUST1POUND CODE, OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE CHARGED AT FULL PRICE! ALSO, REMEMBER TO UNCHECK THE AUTO-RENEW SUBSCRIPTION BOX OTHERWISE YOU WILL CONTINUE TO BE CHARGED £9.95 EVERY MONTH! I TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY IF YOU FAIL TO FOLLOW THIS ADVICE!


Charged me a quid and they have even added extra Devon records just for me!!!!!


Take care - just followed above instructions without putting in the JUST1POUND and have been charged £9.95 because after entering your credit card details there is no opportunity to confirm payment.


Thank you, will take a look.

Free Access on Findmypast
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Posted 5th Nov 2014Posted 5th Nov 2014
Free Access on Findmypast
Looks like Findmypast is giving away free access all weekend! Great chance to start researching your family history, or checking out all the old newspapers! UPDATE: It seems to ha… Read more
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The fact you can create or edit a tree with no sub is nice. Managed to research a fair bit over the free weekend and have since found some info for free via,, I might be tempted by a month sub or findmypast or similar.


Yup their tree is free to use all the time. Viewing, and editing it. The search is free to search as well, but you need to subscribe, as you said, to view the result. Even still, the 1 month for a tenner still seems pretty good value!


Seems you can. You can search still, but not view the results.


Guess the servers are not built to take the load....



Find My Past - One month Britain subscription £5
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Posted 16th Sep 2014Posted 16th Sep 2014
Find My Past - One month Britain subscription £5£5
Includes access to all UK census records up to 1911, BMD and parish records.… Read more
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Should probably mention this offer is probably only for September but I think these offers do come along on and off. Also is a pretty good free family tree site run by Ancestry but sadly it's being shutdown. However, it's available to search until the end of September so can still be used in conjunction with this offer. You'll find quite a few errors on family trees people have created however it's pretty good for tracking down relatives and digging deeper into your family tree. Edit: Also, depending on how much time you have, you can get a reasonable amount done in a month. My top tip, is don't keep going off on tangents when you get excited, the key thing is to keep good records. I tend to create an email of each area I'm looking into and keep this open as a draft which I attach pdf files of the documents to. Also use a naming convention for files and stick to it. I think a months access to British Newspapers is also on offer but for £1 instead. - enter code SEPTOFFER However if you have Welsh ancestors, a lot of their newspapers are free to search online here - You can find out a lot of information from newspaper records as articles tend to go into detail about family connections, especially weddings and funerals.


I think that's unlikely sadly. I mean there are books that contain transcriptions of parish records that they could upload and share etc but you find that Find My Past have also done that through their service Mocavo.


Yeah I guess the companies have the clout to get the records scanned in etc. What's needed is for Google to do what they did with all the out of copyright books and scan all these records in for people to digitise. :)


Sort of - freebmd and freecen is kind of like that but it's a bit limited. FreeBMD is not too bad but FreeCen is not great. Needs more contributors. Parish records are available for free too if you go to the records office of the region you're interested in, however that obviously requires travel expense. You can also get free access to ancestry at public libraries, which can be okay but a lot of libraries use an old version of Internet Explorer and that makes ancestry harder to use.


What I find surprising is all this information is in the public domain, and just needs basically putting into a huge database that anyone can edit. basically a or similar, does such a thing not exist yet?

40 free credits worth £5 at
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Posted 14th Aug 2013Posted 14th Aug 2013
40 free credits worth £5 at
Get 40 PayAsYouGo credits worth £5 for free! Dear customer, We're giving you 40 PayAsYouGo credits worth £5 absolutely free! This is your chance to view and download any of the … Read more
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yes : whereuleaveit


worked for me, will have a good look after tea. Its not as easy as these adverts make out to trace your family tree, but its fun.


Any codes for FindMyFuture? :p


worked for me


says promo code wrong