Findus Beef Lasagne 360g £2.00 each or 2 for £2.00 at Tesco
Findus Beef Lasagne 360g £2.00 each or 2 for £2.00 at Tesco

Findus Beef Lasagne 360g £2.00 each or 2 for £2.00 at Tesco

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Findus beef Lasagne 360g £2.00 each, on special offer buy one get one free...
You can also choose Macaroni Cheese @ £1.49each, buy one get one free
Or a combination of the above...

They are ok if you don't have time to start from scratch!

Until 24th Jan 2010


my five year old made us (with a bit of help) Lasagne the other night, & to be honest it tasted better despite her being a tad overzealous with the garlic & peas..

She's making a large batch of spag bol this week-end to be bagged & frozen for coming weeks..
Meals like this are very simple in terms of both time & effort instead of wasting time vegging on an episode of corrie (or whatever soap poison tickles your fancy)
I was glad to see that she had no qualms about handling raw meats, having spent a few hours last weekend making burgers from scratch (Aberdeen Angus beef), teaching her to make a pork marinade from kitchen oddments (bless you HP sauce) crack eggs & make scrambled eggs, & a large macaroni & cheese from scratch...
I'm not knocking the deal as I often buy ready meals in order to try & increase her palette (nigh on veggy kid) ..however we do forget how simple it is as we confuse ourselves with spare time & vegging out time.

My daughter & I are going to bash through a basic Jamie oliver book (food nation) ..partly to remind me as a bloke what I've forgotton in haste over the years.
I'd recommend having two adults in a kitchen if you decide to teach a nipper some basics, one to whip the used / spare ingredients away immediately & to continue the patter required when a kid asks you about aspects of raw foods..
So far it's been great fun, & I feel somewhat better about the food she's eating, ..considerably more as she's so damn proud of her achievments.

Thanks!Kids and hubby like this!

If I were you I would not buy them, they are not good.

£1 each in Somerfield, no need to buy 2
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