Fingersmith dvd £3.99 @ Play

Fingersmith dvd £3.99 @ Play

Found 8th Jan 2010
Adapted from the novel by Sarah Waters.

London, 1862, a young orphan named Susan Trinder (Sally Hawkins) grows up amongst the petty thieves known as Fingersmiths, under the guidance of Mrs Suckerby (Imelda Staunton). One evening, Richard 'The Gentleman' Rivers (Rupert Evans) pays them a visit. Rivers has an elaborate plan to defraud the wealthy heiress, Maud Lilly (Elaine Cassidy). Susan agrees to help for a cut of the money, and is quickly installed as Maud's maid. Upon arriving, she discovers that Maud is virtually a prisoner in her own house, as Uncle Christopher (Charles Dance) controls every detail of her life. As the plan begins to unfold, Susan finds herself developing an intimate relationship with the lady of the house...


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..........and anyone who s******s at the title will be labelled as infantile,
I managed to resist............ ;-)

Good Reviews.. :thumbsup:

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You're giving it a "thumbs up" I see.........


You're giving it a "thumbs up" I see.........


Does it stretch to three fingersmiths? or possibly more?

Haven't seen this dvd, but the book is very good.
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