Finish All In One 52 Pack For £3.57, Sainsburys Instore

Finish All In One 52 Pack For £3.57, Sainsburys Instore

Found 26th Sep 2012
Just back from the Sainsburys at Trongate, Glasgow. The full price is around £13 according to the shelf label; they're selling them for £3.57.

Also includes the Lemon/Union Jack special edition packets. Unsure if it's in other stores.

I realise Poundland does a 10 pack of Finish, but it's the "Classic" version of the tablets, not the All-In-Ones.


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Obligatory receipt:

Good price. I normally pay £6 for these when they're on offer in Tesco.

wow megga hot

no there is no deal just been back from store

Good deal, but I can't stand these tablets. So many found at the bottom of dishwasher un-disolved. Fairy work much better

Less than 7p'nce each! Heat.

Heat because you found them cheaper than poundland!

They don't sell these in Poundland!!

They actually DO sell them in Poundland - 10 tablets for 1£.

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I have a compact dishwasher and prefer the loose powder (I have 1kg boxes of Calgonit-brand in Finish font, from Mexico, also bought in Poundland, I bought something like ten boxes a few years back!) but at that price I can't knock it back.

Btw, the Trongate Sainsburys had none left when I went back in around 10pm.
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I did mention in my original post that Poundland sell Finish tablets (x10 "Classic" version).

Also, for anyone interested, Sainsburys do their own brand Dishwasher Salt for around 90p, which always comes in handy.

The 3kg Dishwasher Salt for 79p Tesco deal listed on HUKD today (Thursday) is even better
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I usually get these boxes for a fiver from the Co-op when they're on offer every few months. This is a very low price.

been too two different sainsburys and they are full price

Still full price in Derby :-(

Full price everywhere I've been

Just been to Leeds City Centre Sainsbury's, priced at £3.25 and £6.49 for same tablets! Scanned, came up as £6.49, told assistant and they knocked them down to £3.25, got 2 boxes.

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Glad you got some! Maybe Sainsburys will honour it if people point it out.

Trongate has some, you just ask staff to check the store room, they bring 3 boxes, you take the lot (1pm today)

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Haha, good, I saw the empty shelves last night and assumed they were cleared out (they'd moved other stock into the Finish Tablets x52 pack's space).

Thx op but frustratingly the sainsburys in Kidderminster would not honour this price. I know no one had said it was all stores but at that price it was worth the gamble.

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