Finish Powerball Lemon Sparkle 84s, £8 @ ASDA Instore ONLY + £3 off voucher in box

Finish Powerball Lemon Sparkle 84s, £8 @ ASDA Instore ONLY + £3 off voucher in box

Found 3rd Jul 2010
Cheapest tabs in there by miles! 84 tablets for £8 - thats just 9.5p per wash!
Had 1 full pallet of them in the West Bridgford store, they've had them for few days on reflection but only just took a closer look to see the offer. (Sorry if its already been posted-couldnt find on searching)
I use these tabs all the time and get really good cleaning.
Cant see offer online (cheapest is £5 for 30) so must be instore only.

Also double bonus is that you get a £3 voucher off next Finish Quantum purchase...but I find some shops take these vouchers providing your buying just the right manufacturer/checkout you *may* be able to get another box of 84 but for just £5 (6p each) OR Quantums are £6 for 30 so the voucher takes it to £3=10p each anyway.


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ace thankyou, I'll use the money they sent me for a duff batch I had (slassic isn't overly good) & get a few of these with the additional vouchers.

The helpline can be a bit hit & miss for the manufacturer of finish, I keep topping up with various finish types of tablet & box size through the deals on here, however then I run out & keep getting _iss poor results from the left-overs from long ago, consitently, each time I ring let em know & they don't even want a sample, or necessarily log the call...
crazy really.

Incisdentally if you are suffering from a poor wash, try sticking the tablet straight in the machine not the dispenser..
Also check your crud gaurds / grease trap..
try a dishwasher cleaner tablet on a hot maintenance wash (no dishes).
dismantle your washer arms (they are simple & generally lift off & un-clip) to see if theres any grot causing a blockage...

otherwise moan like hell at the tab manuf help-line & state your dissatisfaction, dishwasher tabs aint cheap!
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