Finish powerball Max-in-1 56 Tabs for 3.75 @ Tesco instore
Finish powerball Max-in-1 56 Tabs for 3.75 @ Tesco instore

Finish powerball Max-in-1 56 Tabs for 3.75 @ Tesco instore

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This may be one of those hard to get tesco deals or it may be widespread i dunno but i guess we will find out.

28 pack of the above tablets are being sold for 3.75 but at the moment all packs in my store are 100% extra free so 56 for 3.75 bringing it well below the 'magic' 10p per load.

This may be a discontinued pack size as there were also packs of 14 for 3.50 and packs of 56 for £13. Label is standard white one so may be easy to miss.

If you have these instore its worth stocking up just incase its limited.

Happy dishwashing


zomg - awesome price =D

I use Tesco Value dishwasher tablets (came out top in a Which? survey), suprisingly do an equally good job. Work out about 6p/load. I find Finish tablets dont dissolve fully and leave a bit of residue but I have a slimiline dishwasher. I do use Finish salt and Rinse aid. Using Tesco tablets saves the hassle of working out the best Finish deal too. Are these things ever full price?

Im wondering chukky whether I should downgrade.....I also have a slimline and sometimes I have a greasy residue on my plates, even though nothing is blocking the water flow.

I may experiment, especially if Which? tests confirm they are decent. I use some Sainsburys own brand rinse aid because it was BOGOF + half price, and own brand salt

Interesting feedback here. I too also use the same tablets (Finish) and have noticed that there is residue on the sides of glasses / cups / mugs. It's not greasy though, it's more like dried salt. The salt compartment is always topped up, as is the rinse aid but it's frustrating trying to locate the cause. I've cleaned the filter out so many times (just in case it's that) too but it still happens every now and then. Maybe it IS the Finish tablets causing this?

Should be interesting to see if this carries on if I switched to another brand. We just bought another load of tablets last night (before I saw this offer) from Sainsbury's (ouch on the price!!) so will have to wait until after they're used up.

I think tablets are designed for all dishwashers, old and new generations. Modern machines, especially slimline consume a lot less hot water in the cycle so there must be an excess of detergent in the system that leaves a residue. The Tesco value tablet seems to have the balance just right for my particular machine - I only ever run the machine on 30 min eco setting.

You don't need to use salt and rinse aid with finish tablets.. They're generally all in the tab!

£2.99 in coop

Great price, might have to pop in to Tesco today ;-)

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£2.99 in coop

2.99 for 56?
sure its not for 14?.. as ive almost never had anything cheap from coop
perhaps they are clearing also then.
56 is 4 of the small 14 packs in 1 package for a rough guide to 'size'
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