Finish Powerball Quantum x30 - reduced from £9.73 to £2.32 - Reduced to Clear @ Tesco

Finish Powerball Quantum x30 - reduced from £9.73 to £2.32 - Reduced to Clear @ Tesco

Found 18th Aug 2009Made hot 18th Aug 2009
Went into my local Tesco yesterday and they had a ticket for Finish Powerball Quantum x30 packs but none in stock and today went I went to a different one (Lee Mill Plymouth) to get a drink I saw that they had loads of them.

The tickets said the original price was about 10 quid but were now reduced to £2.32

Not checked to see if it is available on line but as it was reduced to clear in both stores doubt you would get any.

Stock up now!


They also had these in Tesco in Doncaster (town centre) yesterday, but so far only reduced to £4.70-odds. Will keep an eye out!

They don't have 30s online

i was gonna post this the other day, but never got around to it, glad someone else spotted it, hot!

Good price if you can get them. Voted hot.

None in Cowley Oxford or Abongdon

I got 38 at Co-Op last night for 299

Already posted 4 days ago. :whistling:…-te

I saw these on Saturday morning at my local, as a "price reduction" with no end date but didn't post as already on.

They were priced at £11 reduced to £5 at Tesco Telford but someone had stupidly put them in the BOGOF section so 60 for a fiver after a quick trip to customer services. Anyway it's 2 packs of 20 for £6.61 not the OP's deal as I'm sure they'll move the 30 boxes soon.

Apparently, these aren't as good as the normal powerball ones. :?
That's part of the reason these have been on offer for ages.
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