Finish Quantum Powerball Dishwasher tablets - 80 for £6.76 (inc 300% extra free) @ Tesco
Finish Quantum Powerball Dishwasher tablets - 80 for £6.76 (inc 300% extra free) @ Tesco

Finish Quantum Powerball Dishwasher tablets - 80 for £6.76 (inc 300% extra free) @ Tesco

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I was in Tesco (Swindon) today and saw Finish Quantum Powerball dishwasher 20 tablet packs were advertised at £6.76 per pack and there was a buy one get one free offer on them. However I noticed that just next to the normal 20 packs were the 20+20 100% extra free packs. So I picked two off these up and they scanned as part of the buy one get one free offer.

Therefore I got 80 tablets for the price of 20 (300% extra free)!


also in Nottingham (toton extra) so looks like nationwide.

with this and the sainsbury's offer stacking on the Fairy Platinum tablets I have about 2 years worth of tablets now.

awesome deal why is this not hotter

i had to root around in the dish washer section and the offer is on, stacked on top of the oxes were the 100% extra free ones. they had original and the lemon ones.

billy bargain


oh still about 24 boxes at exmouth branch

I have stopped using the normal Finish tabs as my dishes never properly clean - but these do the job nicely.

brilliant deal OP

cant believe this deal hasnt gone hot!!! I picked some up today at Silverburn Tesco and they had tons

hopefully down south but usually an empty shelf when i get there.

I stocked up on these last time something like this happened - bargain! Unfortunately, I'm now moving house and won't have a dishwasher, but still have a cupboard full of tablets...

Thanks, stocked up on 6 packs because of this post.

good deal!

Found this deal in the Royston, Herts branch of Tesco Extra. I bagged two of the "standard" tablet packs (20+20) and then a whole box (8 packs) of the "Lemon" tabs (also 20+20). All with the BOGOF. What a bargain. That should see me through to Christmas.
Many thanks to the OP.

What planet do they live on were they come up with the pricing of dishwasher tablets.
I've just come back from Tesco in Bournemouth and was going to post this deal but Bad Ash beat me to it. So these things should be £6.75 for 20? I got the 80 tablets under this deal. I dont use these all the time, I alternate between these expensive ones and cheap Aldi/Lidl ones. (I must figure out how to add heat)

HEAT ADDED... just got these from North harbour Tesco in Portsmouth but they were at the end of the beans isle and no +100% free ones in the toiletry isle.

HOT - Cardiff Extra has a few left on this offer

Bargain - just picked some up this morning in Tesco in Bloomfield, Bangor, Northern Ireland. Plenty left.

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