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Posted 23 February 2023

Finish Ultimate Infinity Shine Dishwasher Tablets Lemon, 100 Dishwasher tabs £15 / £13.50 Subscribe & Save + 25% Voucher on 1st S&S @ Amazon

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Noticed a 25% Voucher when using S&S on these dishwasher tabs. Worked out at £9.75 for me

  • Ultimate cleaning performance: Our dishwasher tabs meticulously clean your dishes and glasses delivering our ultimate clean and diamond shine
  • Effective even in an eco-cycle: Save up to £40 per year on your energy and water bills by switching from intensive to eco-cycle and skipping the rinse, based on October 2022 data. Out three fast-dissolving chambers deliver great cleaning results even when using your dishwasher's eco settings
  • No need to pre-rinse: Finish dishwasher tablets effectively break down all types of food residue without you having to pre-rinse dishes, using a powerful formula that degreases and shines. Skipping the pre-rinse can save up to 1000 litres of water per year
  • Powerful solution for your dishes: our advanced formula delivers a sparkling shine and provides material protection for your glasses and tableware with Protector Shield Technology
  • Recommended by experts: Finish is the number 1 recommended brand by dishwasher manufacturers, such as Siemens and Beko* (*based on the market share of dishwasher manufacturers that recommend Finish)
  • Boost Your Dishwashing Experience : 1. Use Rinse Aid for drying and spot prevention. 2. Use Dishwasher Cleaner for hygienically clean dishwasher
Amazon More details at Amazon
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  1. Mr.Dangle's avatar
    These are also great for the limescale in toilets just leave for a few hours !
  2. 1m_king's avatar
    I’m doing subscribe and save but it’s coming to 12.50 per item. How is everyone getting it for £9?!
    Mr.Dangle's avatar
    Tick the 25% voucher on screen - ignore subscribe and save,  order normal price one, then you get another 35% for subscribe and save on the pay now page 
  3. Mr_Gee's avatar
    Nice spot OP, £9.75 for me and delivered today.
  4. Kathie's avatar
    Math's fact (just checked):

    1 Finish Ultimate Infinity Shine Dishwasher tablet weighs - 14 g
    1 Fairy Platinum Plus Deep Clean tablet weighs - 18 g

    It's 23% difference.

    £9.75 - 14 g
    x - 18 g

    x = (18 x 9.75) / 14 = £12.53 / 100 = 12.53 p

    That would make it 12.53 p per tablet, if the weight was 18 g.

    So if fairy tablets are on deal (~10 p per tablet), then finish tablets will need to be:

    10 p - 18 g
    x - 14 g

    x = (14 x 10) / 18 = 7.77 p

    7.77 p per tablet (finish) = 10 p per tablet (fairy) (edited)
    Frank30uk's avatar
  5. norbert7455's avatar
    Btw has anyone tried Costco Kirkland dishwasher tablets? I have plenty of Finish Ultimate but wanted to compare them to Costco
    Jayporsche0's avatar
    Yes I use them all the time. They work fine and the tub is massive. Just make sure you are getting a good deal, they don’t always work out cheaper.
  6. stuartw's avatar
    Amazon's subscription is a rip off. Every time I go to check mine I notice the price has gone up. I've only had two of these delivered the 2nd was £17.23 reduced to £15.51. Time to cancel and re subscribe
    stuartw's avatar
    And now I have subscribed for £9. I think all subscriptions should only last 1 delivery before you cancel and re subscribe 😁
  7. rufus_cat's avatar
    Not as good as Fairy Platinum Plus, they leave a residue on glasses.
    Diogenes007's avatar
    Could that be dishwasher brand / cycle wash, dependent...?
  8. Clowance's avatar
    Can't see any vouchers at all, subscribe and save comes up as £13.50 with 10% discount applied. I don't think I have used S &S on dishwasher tabs before but have used it for kitchen towel. Advice please?
    pagehamillton's avatar
    You need to get out more
  9. nylec's avatar
    Showing at £13.50 for me with S&S and 25% off. Anyone know why?
  10. Rodders89's avatar
  11. DebbiGriffinhope's avatar
    £9 for me on s & s.
  12. wozie1's avatar
    £9.75 for me, I usually pay around £10 for some other brand of 100.
    Wont pay more than 10p each for any dishwaster tablets. The cheapest brands usually work ok providing you put the tablet in the door flap thing.
    My sister was just throwing them in the dishwasher and complained it wasnt washing, she didnt realise her dishwasher does a "rinse" before the proper wash starts and thats when the tablet is released.
    Jonwillis's avatar
    I bet lots of people do this. I can hear the flap opening so I know it's dropped in later
  13. mikefearn83's avatar
    4.75 using the recent collection £5 promo. Bargain thank you op.
  14. MrDan1680's avatar
    Amazing price, thanks OP, usually a Platinum Plus guy but have to give these a try at this price!!
  15. mailboxmessage's avatar
    I have so many open S&Ss for dishwasher tablets and laundry bottles now, different sizes, fragances, frequencies, brands, ...
    Need to go through and close a few before I get an unwanted delivery with 15 items 😁 (edited)
  16. chrisvenn's avatar
    Thanks £9.75 for me
  17. Nick_Jones's avatar
    Great find thanks £9 for my it depends on how many subscription u have
  18. Howmuch1's avatar
    £9 for me. Thanks.
  19. newbie68's avatar
    Yep £9 is the best price (voucher and max S&S - 5 items minimum)
  20. Raks82's avatar
  21. CoopermanUK's avatar
    Cheers OP,
    £9 for me with max S&S
  22. TheUKGuy01's avatar
    Subscribed @ 9.50. Thanks. Was paying a lot more on existing S&S for 85 tablets.
  23. generalstace's avatar
    Nice one. Thanks
  24. palli's avatar
    £9.75 - perfect great price.
  25. Ömerhsn's avatar
    £9.75 for me ordered thanks 🔥
  26. Longfellow's avatar
    Ordered, cheers Frank
  27. dstguy's avatar
    49632253-PafVK.jpg£9.75 for me! Thanks
  28. teaguey's avatar
    9.75 bosh
  29. tommytbone1's avatar
    Cheers op! £9
  30. Stuyb's avatar
    Ordered ta
  31. mymymy's avatar
    £9 for me thanks
  32. macclad17's avatar
    Thanks op
  33. kar999's avatar
    Never tried these before. Always used Fairy but at this price is worth a punt. Thanks.

    As an aside I always sign up wherever possible for subscribe and save but always end up canceling before future purchases kick in. Probably not the cheapest way but can't be bothered tracking next delivery dates.
  34. Diogenes007's avatar
    £9.75 here with 25% off voucher on 1st S&S. Thanks OP!
  35. FleetFanatic's avatar
    Had the originals delivered at the start of this week

    Even Asda own brand are £6 for 50, this was a no brainer.
  36. jamiebradleylewis's avatar
    Awesome deal 👏
  37. mrArcher's avatar
    Thanks, £9.75 for me
  38. m1kehunt's avatar
    Aldi ones seem to do a perfectly good job and are cheaper at £3.39 for 40
    Loner's avatar
    Works out at £8.47 for 100. I think the Finish ones would be better for the extra £1.28 (edited)
  39. Fox_Gaming's avatar
    Great price but after raiding Sainsbury's for the Fairy deals I already have around a year and a half stockpiled with using the dishwasher every other day
  40. EV8's avatar
    Last time I ordered these they sent the normal Quantum ones, reported it, sent the wrong ones back and the replacements were also the wrong ones.

    49628386-ozJp0.jpg (edited)
    Jonwillis's avatar
    I've had that. They take the item off the shelf, so if it's loaded with the wrong items you'll never get the correct one. Them just send what is on that shelf the second time
's avatar