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It's Back!!! Free Finish Power & Pure Quantum Dishwasher Tablets.
864° Expired
Posted 14th Jul 2014Posted 14th Jul 2014
It's Back!!! Free Finish Power & Pure Quantum Dishwasher Tablets.
This offer is now back on, last offer expired. Register with Finish to receive free dishwasher tabs. They are trying to promote their new "safer to the environment" tablets. ___… Read more

Must just be a problem with the website at the moment rather than the offer finishing as it still shows up when I did a google search: . Try again later on during the week maybe?


the link does not work error


Cheers OP


Cold as the powerball is just a smartie! Thanks Dave Goreman for the heads up :-)


Thanking you!

Free Sample Finish Dishwasher Detergent
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Posted 19th Feb 2014Posted 19th Feb 2014
Free Sample Finish Dishwasher Detergent
Hurry to get your FREE Sample Finish Power & Free Detergent. Simply fill out the form to get your free sample. Hurry to their website and grab yours before they are gone, bec… Read more

not letting me past choose a state


What a waste of time - after all that it won't let me unless I choose a state! ...well I've gone for Alaska & apparently my samples are on their way - will see what happens (_;)


usa only :(


Exactly what I was thinking. Guess that stuffs that one then! :{


it asks to select state. I'm guessing it's not for the uk then

Finish Power & Pure Quantum dishwasher tabs - Free Sample
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Posted 9th Feb 2014Posted 9th Feb 2014
Finish Power & Pure Quantum dishwasher tabs - Free Sample
Finish have a new formula with fewer water polluting chemicals and they're providing free samples. Enter your contact and delivery details to receive a sample of Finish Power &amp… Read more
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Received today thank you.


Received mine today thank you.


Got mine today! :) cheers


Thanks for that!


cheers for that

FREE sample of the New Finish Power & Pure Quantum Dishwasher Tablet
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Posted 19th Dec 2013Posted 19th Dec 2013
FREE sample of the New Finish Power & Pure Quantum Dishwasher Tablet
FREE sample of the New Finish Power & Pure Quantum Dishwasher Tablet
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This promotion has now ended :(


Tried it, strange fruity smell, sticking to the regular.




Oh well, was only trying to help. You know what's also not nice? Being called 50 times a day by the same woman and not being able to unplug your phone because you are waiting for a call from an ailing family member who doesn't understand mobile phones! People who do jobs which hurt and defraud other people have a name; they're called CRIMINALS and it IS their fault! Signing up to TPS blocks companies in the UK but not abroad, there's a little box you can buy to plug in which records and blocks dodgy numbers, really useful for relatives who might not realise it's a scam. The only thing that reminds me the world still has a chance is people helping others, like posting deals on HUKD :3 - every time I find one to post it's already there X) Things like these calls remind us we have to look after other people, it's disgusting how many war veterans are defrauded :(


Haha! Yeah, not the nicest thing to say, but I told them one time that the person they were asking for was deceased....they were very apologetic. Not their fault, it's a job, but something needs to be done to stop it, and UK companies from cold-calling Errrrr...I think I may have clicked 'report' when I meant to hit reply to your post :( (Crapberry) Sorry if that's the case, I'm sure the mods will see it was in error

Free Sample Finish Quantum Gel - facebook page like :)
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Posted 26th Nov 2013Posted 26th Nov 2013
Free Sample Finish Quantum Gel - facebook page like :)
2800000532604 - use this barcode to gain a free sample - Finish UK are giving away Free Samples of Finish Quantum Gel! If you are using Fairy, Switch and see the difference by sub… Read more

i've cleaned up




sorry unsupported browser I meant


Thanks K8ie1980 but it keeps telling me I am using an unexpected browser and doesn't allow me to input any codes. Gutted. LOL


I included a barcode at the top of this page. :)

Free sample of New Finish Quantum
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Posted 1st Mar 2013Posted 1st Mar 2013
Free sample of New Finish Quantum
You need a fairy bar code Mine was 5410076404155) to get the freebie. They only have another 37,800 samples left this week



Try this link once on desktop version of Facebook on your mobile


Thank you :]


Cheers m8


awww, last time I got some they were packs of 30. But it will help:)

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Finish 400ml rinse aid was £3.64 now 82p at Tesco Express in Whitechapel with Finish voucher!
39° Expired
Posted 3rd May 2012Posted 3rd May 2012
Finish 400ml rinse aid was £3.64 now 82p at Tesco Express in Whitechapel with Finish voucher!£0.82
Tesco Express in Whitechapel, London are selling 400ml bottles of Finish regular rinse aid at half price, was £3.64 now £1.82, which is good on its own. However, if you go to thei… Read more
Free 10 Pack of Finish Quantum & Voucher
822° Expired
Posted 28th Feb 2012Posted 28th Feb 2012
Free 10 Pack of Finish Quantum & Voucher
Fill in the form to get the free pack of Finsh Quantum. (Possible to get a money off voucher too) The following message will appear: Thank you for requesting a simple pack of a n… Read more

I can't see any form to apply for the sample, is it on the main page


I submitted a review about 4 days ago - I've checked today and received an email saying my review had been approved. I can now click a link to download a voucher for £1 off my next purchase of Finish rinse aid or dishwasher cleaner


must have expired or something.


what voucher did you get?


it does say "like Quantum? Leave a review now - there's a thank you voucher waiting for you"

Free Finish Powerball QuantuMatic Detergent Dispenser - Instore @ Asda
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Posted 9th Apr 2011Posted 9th Apr 2011
Free Finish Powerball QuantuMatic Detergent Dispenser - Instore @ Asda
Asda have a special offer on the Finish Powerball QuantuMatic Detergent Dispenser System and Refill reducing it from £10.19 down to £5. However, print off the £5 voucher and you … Read more
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what shop details, ive printed a few off and theres no shop details on there


Just got 4 of these from asda for free! SMOKING HOT!


my coupon doesnt have all the shop details on it ,any ideas?


I've given up on mine because I didn't find it better than the tablets. I also felt that I was 'cheated' out of at least two washes. Plus it takes up the space of a mug in my machine, which is just silly.


You can print off an extra 2 vouchers from this website I did post it before in this thread, but it seems to have been removed...

Finish QuantuMatic £5 coupon - Free @ Sainsburys
455° Expired
Posted 15th Dec 2010Posted 15th Dec 2010
Finish QuantuMatic £5 coupon - Free @ Sainsburys
This is £4.97 in Sainsburys. Print off £5 off coupon to get it for free (and an extra 3p back!)

Just to let you know, the 1/2 price offer is still on in Wilkinsons, I just picked one up for free with my voucher.




Have un-expired as is still available! Direct Link


thank you! :)



Free Finish QuantuMatic
53° Expired
Posted 26th Aug 2010Posted 26th Aug 2010
Free Finish QuantuMatic
Get a free Finish QuantuMatic 1. Purchase QuantuaMatic 2. Fill and print out from via website 3. Post form and receipt Used to be £5 off now its free! Finish Quantumatic Deterg… Read more

I can't locate the form which needs to be completed WITH the receipt. Hyperlink in email doesn't seem to work (I received direct email from finish)


THIS should really be in freebies ??


on offer at my local Tesco for 9.99 The form you have to submit states the barcode must be for regular 5011417551677 or lemon 5011417551660 seems good deal as long as the purchased price is returned


Dupe pm to op Offer conditions slightly altered, expired original & unspammed