Finlandia Vodka 70cl 40% £11.30 @ Asda

Finlandia Vodka 70cl 40% £11.30 @ Asda

£11.30Asda Deals
Found 20th Aug 2010
Just bought 2 bottles of this lovely voddy in Peterlee store as gifts, usually about 15 quid so pleasantly surprised.....available online also!!!!!! but cant get the bloomin link to work!!


sounds ok ..will be getting this ..

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PS. . Havnt put a deal on for a while, how the hell do you upload photo's again..........???

Yeah John its a nice tipple like, upper end of the voddy tree..I paid £18 for a bottle from drinkshop last month

+ heat.

You should add a price to your title mate.

To get an image, simply find an image of Finlandia, then copy and past the url of that image into your post when editing.

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Just Tried mate, computer illiterate today and cant do it, oh its also available via online too!!! just checked

count yourself lucky, come September all the Russians will be outlawed from buying Vodka between the hours of 10.00pm and 10.00am. Quite whether this will have any effect on drinking levels is anybodies guess:…tml

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Thanks Moob, word up!

Great price!

Oooo nice !!!
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