Finlux 48" SMART TV - LED, 3D, HD

Finlux 48" SMART TV - LED, 3D, HD

Found 12th Dec 2014
Came across this deal yesterday but the price has dropped another £20 this morning (Dropped from £499.99 some recent sales at that price), which I think makes it more attractive for a spec like this.

Finlux brand doesn't mean a lot to me but the screen size and spec stack up. Has anyone bought Finlux before? Would be interested to hear comments.

3D glasses come with it also but it doesnt say how many pairs.


Finlux is made by Vestel, which produce some of the Own Label products as well as the panels for other brands. They have the Polaroid license as well for TVs. Looks like a good deal

Have they stopped selling frozen pancakes?

I have a Finlux which I bought last year off Amazon...Again was a 48" screen and i think its great. Mine is very slim TV and a lot of my friends have commented on that aspect.

No issues for me but I imagine the TV fanatics wont be too impressed unless it has a brand name.

The Finlux website has the RRP as £899 but the ebay site has it listed as £499, I'm buying it anyway just wondered why the discrepancy


Have they stopped selling frozen pancakes?

haha findus crispy pancakes were an 80's staple food in my house

Has anyone gone for this?

Comes with 2 pairs of active glasses it says in the description on eBay


seriously i got a 50 inch smart one and failed within two months, customer service non existant. just make sure you pay by paypal or i wouldnt have got anywhere


Has anyone gone for this?

I bought one this morning, I don't use my tv that much but for the price I fancy giving it a go, 12 month warranty and 14 day money back guarantee too so not taking much of a risk I don't think

I bought as well :). Hopefully a good stop gap for a couple of years for when 4k comes down in price and is more common

Fingers crossed for delivery tommorow via xdp, will see if any good soon, can't wait to watch a film in 3d

Bought this TV yesterday at £399.99 on Finlux website having read AV forums review. Discovered later that it is on Ebay at £329.99 .
Tried contacting Finlux but no one available despite their website stating they were available on Sundays.
Sent Finlux a message asking them to either match their own Ebay website price or to cancel my order. Will try to contact them again today, Monday.

It's back to £399 on eBay now.

I cancelled my purchase from Finlux Direct at £399.99 and went back on to Ebay a few minutes ago to buy at £329.99 only to find they have just put the price back up to £399.99,
Needless to say I won't be buying it. I am disgusted at Finlux for doing this.

Finlux Tv will not last more than 2 years. Better invest your money on good tv like sony.
Voted cold.

I guess that if shariifi3 comment is true then any TV made by vestel won't last longer than 2 years as they make the sets for a lot of company's like bush, Hitachi I think digihome and many others.



Finlux Tv will not last more than 2 years. Better invest your money on … Finlux Tv will not last more than 2 years. Better invest your money on good tv like sony.Voted cold.

I bought my Finlux tv in 2007 and still use it every day! I would be happy to buy it again
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