finlux 65" 4K UHD 3D SMART FREEVIEW HD LED TV £999 @ Finlux Direct

finlux 65" 4K UHD 3D SMART FREEVIEW HD LED TV £999 @ Finlux Direct

Found 27th Aug 2015
Our flagship 65 inch 4K Ultra High Definition 3D Smart TV

The Finlux 65UT3E242S-T is our range topping TV, jam-packed with amazing features! It's priced at just £999.00, which is far cheaper than you'll find from any of the competition on the market with the same specification. When supplied by a UHD source, this large flat-screen TV will display content in Ultra High Definition (otherwise known as 4K) and amaze you with the picture clarity.

The Smart functionality on this TV enables users to enjoy their favourite content from Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and much more! The 65UT3E242S- T also has a great web browser to surf the internet with and browse content from the comfort of your sofa. Download our Finlux Smart Centre App and take control of this Finlux TV via a Smartphone or Tablet device!

Another great quality of this 4K 65 inch TV is the fact that it can bring your films, shows and games to life by way of displaying 3D content! If you missed the recent 3D blockbuster at the cinema, buy the 3D blu-ray, put on one of the 8 supplied passive 3D glasses and enjoy it in 3D from the comfort of your own home (3D Blu-ray player required)!

Thankfully this model is also A-rated for energy efficiency - handy for helping to keep your electricity bills down - impressive for such a large panel TV screen. This 4K Ultra HD Smart TV has 4 HDMI 2.0 ports supporting HDCP 2.2 so you can connect all your devices that are able to produce UHD content. This flat-screen TV also boasts many other connections including a mini-SCART port, 4 USB slots and a set of AV ports.

Key features at a glance:

Smart Features
BBC iPlayer & Netflix Apps
Web Browsing
Freeview HD
HDMI 2.0 supporting HDCP 2.2
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Looks like a whole lot of TV for a grand.

No bluetooth though.
And you need bluetooth on a tv because?
Its a tv not a mobile phone.
Shame about the codex. No 4k netflix or youtube. Not sure what framerate it can output 4k at.
Dont you need bluetooth for a sound bar ???
this or the new 55" lg oled 4k with hdr hmmm out in a few days

And you need bluetooth on a tv because? Its a tv not a mobile phone.

Because it's useful for things such as bluetooth headphones and other devices.

Mobile phones do more than make and take calls too, including the ability to watch television and most have bluetooth.


Dont you need bluetooth for a sound bar ???

Optical cable usually.
Cold. No tea making facility.
Finlux? Never heard of them... Who makes the panel?
I have a finlux and apparently LG made the panel in mine
This 4K TV has no upscale so it's a no go for me.
this model does not have HDCP. or HDMI 2.2 i contacted finlux last week jan 2016 and they said this tv does not have this specs.
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