Finlux 65UME294B-P 4k UHD television £799 @ Finlux

Finlux 65UME294B-P 4k UHD television £799 @ Finlux

Found 27th Nov 2016
Its a 65" 4k television on the Finlix website
According to Finlux it has the following panel, which they say is 10 bit...
"The panel used on this model is 1.07B (10-bit) colour" which when i have googled it comes up as a samsung panel
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I'd be interested to hear some opinions on this TV. Don't know much about finlux.
Don't think anyone knows, can't find anything on google, the most relevant results are the finlux site then this thread.
We have had a couple of Finlux 40" TV's for over a year now. I think the picture quality is superb for watching TV. Previously had a couple of Panasonic plasmas and these Finlux are much superior in terms of the crispness of the imagery. But not quite as good as our new Hisense.
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Is the general rule of thumb when looking for a new tv to go with a 10bit panel? Its hard to find info on sites if they are 10bit or not also UHD,HDR its all so confusing
A bit 10-bit panel just relates to the colour depth, whilst it gives an indication about the possible quality of a panel it does not mean it will be any good, there are still alot of other factors that could make a good panel terrible.

Another interesting point is that this appears to be dled, rather than edge lit, another feature rarely found on sets this price.
Now £699
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