Finlux tv sale e.g 32" Full HD Freeview Play LED Smart TV £179 @ Finlux Direct

Finlux tv sale e.g 32" Full HD Freeview Play LED Smart TV £179 @ Finlux Direct

Found 16th Dec 2016
Finlux TVs save £200 on Amazon prices with free delivery
4k TVs, full HD and freeview play
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can anyone advise why cold please? I was thinking of buying. thanks
hey Jeff. I just bought this and it's great value. I got mine from very on interest free credit. same price.
well my father in law bought one (not this model and cost over £400) back last year and it doesnt even play most common movie files and they call it a smart tv!!
For the price, the picture quality is excellent. With my (less than expert) eye, I find it difficult to see a difference between the Finlux & more expensive brands.
listen carefully, i bought a tv from finlux, VERY BAD MOVE, THEY HAVE THE WORST CUS SERVICE DEPT. my tv had issues with sound dropping , ( no sound ). 1 month old. sent it back and they said i wud hav it back within a week , simple software update, 1. month later they still had my tv and hadnt got around to lokking at it. i got it back 2 weeks later , 6 weeks from sent. still has the same problem. so i got online n checked internet for feedback , to find it was an ongoing problem with finlux, so many people experiencing the same issues, do ur research and u will choose to avoid, i still hav the tv and at least 3 times a week i hav to turn it off to get sound back.
had a finlux and luckily had a 3yr warranty as part of the deal (I never take warranties out) after 14months it just stopped working, they took 3days to collect and 2 days to decide it was not repairable, the warranty company phoned next day, told me finlux were not very good as they have to replace more than any other and offered me another make (again Vestell - parent company) which I refused and ended up with a Samsung, the warranty company then tried saying they have filled their obligations and my remaining 23months was void, after going to financial ombudsman I won and got a new 3yr warranty, costs and £250 goodwill gesture.
I might just have had a bad one, but wouldn't deal with finlux again as their customer service just don't want to help.
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