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65 inch tv 4k UHD 65UME249B-P LED Smart TV £699 @ Finlux direct
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Posted 20th Feb 2017Posted 20th Feb 2017
65 inch tv 4k UHD 65UME249B-P LED Smart TV £699 @ Finlux direct£699
Finlux 65 inch 4K UHD Smart TV with Freeview Play. Outstanding UHD picture quality. ! Freeview Play 4K UHD with 23 million sub-pixels compared to 6 million on Full HD TVs Smart a… Read more

My Finlux TV lasted 1 year and few days. Finlux direct refused to repair or replace. Waste of money.


Sorry bil bob she still has one my mistake




454 is a scam seller on amazon btw. But appliances direct is 669. Lot of tv for that money. Nice that it has freeview play. Wish my Sammy had that.


My parole officer had a finlux picture is very good

Finlux 49 inch 4K UHD Smart TV with Freeview Play -  £299 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 11th Feb 2017Posted 11th Feb 2017
Finlux 49 inch 4K UHD Smart TV with Freeview Play - £299 @ Finlux Direct£299
I'm in the market for a new TV (after foolishly agreeing to give my daughter my Panny Plasma when she moves house) and thought this looked like a good deal. Freeview Play 4K Ultr… Read more
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If you are in east Lancashire you are welcome to come and have a look at my Toshiba 4K and I could take you round to see that very model of Finlux that my friend bought two weeks ago :)


Pretty sure there was a news item on Click the other week stating that all TV manufacturers were dropping 3D.


Well I shall have to take a look at this, I've not yet got into 4K TV's so only going by what you see online and need to see it myself. No doubt 4K TV's will become pretty much the standard as manufacturers move over to it across their ranges of TVs. There's no doubt that a 4K TV of this size for around £300 is stupidly cheap and hard to ignore.


I am amazed at how my 4K Toshiba upscales even SD to look almost as good as HD did on my earlier HD TV, not as good as 4K but a big improvement. A friend has just been round and he was saying that he could not see the point of 3D but admitted he had not seen any recently. I put jungle Book in 3D on my Toshiba and he admitted it was worth having and he has a 4K Panasonic LED TV. I then put Warcraft on at 4K and he agreed that it almost looked like 3D so if they had done full 4K in 3D we would have the best viewing experience possible to date. Unfortunately it is looking like only those of us with projectors will be able to enjoy 3D soon, if the manufacturers do end up dropping all production of 3D TVs. If you know how to watch them there are plenty of movies available in 3D and also plenty in 4K but none combining them yet from what I can see.


4K does look superb, you're absolutely right but how much 4K is there to watch compared to regular definition or full HD? not much at the moment, of course that will slowly change. More important to many is how does a 4K TV display regular definition and high definition images? - some suggest non HD looks terrible on 4K TVs. I must be honest, I've not got one and not seen a 4K tv displaying SD programming and I dare say no shop will ever do that intentionally.

White Finlux Bluetooth Headphones - £20 delivered @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 28th Jan 2017Posted 28th Jan 2017
White Finlux Bluetooth Headphones - £20 delivered @ Finlux Direct£20
I was just checking out the Finlux TV deal on Amazon when I saw these Finlux bluetooth headphones for £25. Turned out to be £20 - delivered on the Finlux website. People had purch… Read more
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Okay, so I received them today. The do indeed look nice and build quality isn't awful. What I will say, though, is that sounds like you'd imagine £20 headphones to sound like. Don't expect Bose or even Beats sound quality out of these.


Thanks! They look nice and the price seems good. Think I'll take the plunge :)


I've got a pair, they're pretty decent for standard use - listening to music and watching movies etc. They're pretty well made and they look good! They come in a box very similar to beats headphones. I'd recommend them. Although I would buy them from amazon as their customer service was way better than Finlux. :)


Anyone got these? Want something to connect to my iPhone and my Switch.


Decided to order these headphones from Amazon for the extra fiver as their customer service is so good. Glad I did! They arrived covered in black dirty marks, I think they were a pair someone had returned - they're dispatched by finlux so it wouldn't have mattered if I had ordered straight from their site. Amazon sent me the £25 to purchase a replacement pair whereas finlux didn't seem to want to help when I contacted them. I personally think they're great for the money! Perfect for watching movies on the train, not sure what they're like with music yet though. Will put them to the test!

55" Full HD 1080p Freeview Play LED Smart TV was £799.00 now £379.00 Save £420.00 @ Finlux
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Posted 21st Jan 2017Posted 21st Jan 2017
55" Full HD 1080p Freeview Play LED Smart TV was £799.00 now £379.00 Save £420.00 @ Finlux£379
55" Full HD 1080p Freeview Play LED Smart TV was £799.00 now £379.00 Save £420.00 A 55 inch Smart TV with a crisp Full HD 1080p display and stunning design – now with Freeview Pla… Read more
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SCART port. oO


there a 4k one on there also couple of pound difference


was £799 X)


They did not say it was 4K


not 4k

Halloween Flamedeer 2020
FINLUX 22 inch FULL HD - DVD BUILT IN with 12V ideal for motorhomes/boats £130 @ Finlux direct
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Posted 26th Dec 2016Posted 26th Dec 2016
FINLUX 22 inch FULL HD - DVD BUILT IN with 12V ideal for motorhomes/boats £130 @ Finlux direct£130
Finlux 22 Inch Full HD TV 12V Travel Plus Built In DVD Freeview (22FBE274B-NCM)
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The cheaper one is mains only not 12v.


They have one for £99 DIRECT? Yours is also £130 DIRECT?

65" 4K UHD Freeview Play LED Smart TV was £1,499 - £749 @
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Posted 24th Dec 2016Posted 24th Dec 2016
65" 4K UHD Freeview Play LED Smart TV was £1,499 - £749 @£749
Finlux 65 inch 4K UHD Smart TV with Freeview Play no HDR but that a huge screen for the money! SPECIAL OFFER: Buy one of Finlux 4K UHD TVs and get a pair of Finlux Headphones for… Read more

I've had finlux in the past that 1st tv broke after 14months, luckily had extra Yr warranty, they replaced but warranty did not continue. 11 months later it packed in. (technically outside the extended warranty but the TV itself less than 1yr) During same period my daughter had a finlux in her bedroom with little overall use, 3nights a wk max, only std 1yr warranty, 13months it packed in. so based on the 3 tv's in total best lasted 16 months... not a good selling point. I know I wouldn't buy another unless they gave min 5yr warranty that continued full 5yrs even if tv replaced with new due to prior failure!


Hi All, not sure if you guys have recently read news about Peter Navaro and there was a mention about his documentary on China. It’s more relevant to America but I don’t think we are far from that situation. I know, it’s off bit to festive season but make watch when you get chance in next month or so…. "Hisense Co., Ltd. is a Chinese multinational white goods and electronics manufacturer headquartered in Qingdao, Shandong province, China. It is a state-owned enterprise with publicly traded subsidiaries. Owner: Government of China Stock price: 600060 (SHA) CN¥16.81 -0.20 (-1.18%) 23 Dec, 15:00 GMT+8 - Disclaimer Headquarters: China Revenue: 15.04 billion USD (2013) Founded: September 1969"


RRP LOL , This has never ever ever sold at almost £1500 and whoever 'recommended' this retail price is clearly high on drugs.


Bought the Hisense and it looks amazing - uncharted 4 in 4k hdr looks amazing. Bargain.


Hisense wins hands down for me, great picture quality.