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Finlux 65 Inch LED Smart TV - 1080p Full HD, Freeview HD £699.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 6th Jul 2015Posted 6th Jul 2015
Finlux 65 Inch LED Smart TV - 1080p Full HD, Freeview HD £699.99 @ Finlux Direct
Seems to have dropped around £100 down to £699.99, decent price for 65inch TV? Our stylish 65 inch Smart TV New for 2015, this large screen LED TV features a stylish silver outer… Read more
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you normally pay extra for a curved TV


after having a look the one I ordered for someone, I would buy one myself if I needed another large tv however..they hadn't noticed but it was damaged in transit or somewhere before shipping, the whole thing is bent like a backwards curved tv but isn't at all noticeable when watching itI've sorted a replacement for them which will arrive tomorrow, arranging that was easy as anything so can't fault their customer serviceno idea how that got so bent as it's a very well made strong tv, they are claiming from the courier anyway


What nonsense. He made a perfectly harmless joke highlighting the juxtaposition between the two uses of the word 'black'. Setting the bar for racism at this very low level just makes it harder for us all to get on together. Did any black HUKD members really find this offensive?


will do for the kitchen


Good god..... No wonder your eyes are shot :p

Finlux 32 Inch Smart TV With Freeview HD (3xHDMI,2xUSB,PVR) £149.99 Delivered @ Finlux/Finlux eBay
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Posted 16th May 2015Posted 16th May 2015
Finlux 32 Inch Smart TV With Freeview HD (3xHDMI,2xUSB,PVR) £149.99 Delivered @ Finlux/Finlux eBay
Good price for a TV for the bedroom. A 32 inch TV with Freeview, Smart Apps and a Web Browser With a current selling price of just £149.99, this 32 inch Smart TV could be what yo… Read more
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I just got one of these, I will say first great TV decent smart extras and built in wi-fi. Now the bad it has very bad motion blur, sound is awful and using it has a computer monitor is atrocious, it just can't pick up any text clearly so even a website like this, is a struggle to read clearly without really trying to focus on it or sit right on top of TV. So great TV for watching DVD's, or TV Channel. Very bad if you planned to use for a PC Monitor.


It'll make an incredibly crap monitor. :) Ignore the person who gave you affirmation to the contrary. I can't really explain clearly why it's one of those moments where someone says something so stupid that it would actually make me look fairly stupid to entertain what they said as a reasonable argument. Quick google should clear it up though either wa though the real issue is "dot pitch" or the gap between pixels. That's what differentiates a tv from a monitor and why tvs make crap monitorys.


Sorry mate, but that's a load of rubbish what you're spouting there, on both points.


But why do you assume they will go on holiday together :-)


Its not to bad. I have it in the bed room and 30 is ok but put it upto 40 and no real change over that its ok. But like most tvs the dont have very loud speakers. For a bedroom its fine picture is great bright nice blacks etc. Over all a great priced tv.

Finlux 55UT3EC320S-T 55inch 4k Curved TV £1299 @ finlux
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Posted 14th May 2015Posted 14th May 2015
Finlux 55UT3EC320S-T 55inch 4k Curved TV £1299 @ finlux
TV Seems like a good deal for a curved 4k TV The Finlux 55UT3EC320S-T is our acclaimed curved 4K / UHD TV, packed with amazing features! This 55 inch UHD TV is priced at an extrem… Read more

Crampton were doing the 55" Sammy curved 4k for £999. Think someone posted it as a deal a day or two later.


link not working?


Never heard of this brand. Freeze!


who are Samsung? never heard of them

McHotpoon Am I missing something or is this hotter?

Finlux 40" Smart TV, Full HD, Freeview HD for £199.99 (40fme242b-t) @ Finlux
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Posted 1st May 2015Posted 1st May 2015
Finlux 40" Smart TV, Full HD, Freeview HD for £199.99 (40fme242b-t) @ Finlux
Have just bought one of these - as looks like a good price, and my friend got a Finlux TV during Black Friday and really likes it so am taking a punt! They've got some other May B… Read more

I have not seen any really bad reviews (albeit the TV has some minor flaws), however most of the reviews were when the TV was priced at £499. As it's now £199 and I need a TV for the bedroom I think I will take a punt. Thanks OP.


Avoid!!!! Please read the reviews.....the very worst I have ever seen!

Finlux 50 Inch TV Freeview HD (50FBD274B-T) £229.99 @ Finlux
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Posted 1st May 2015Posted 1st May 2015
Finlux 50 Inch TV Freeview HD (50FBD274B-T) £229.99 @ Finlux
I believe this was around £279.99 a few weeks back, so it's been reduced further. It may not be the brand choice for everyone, but this is a lot of TV for the price.
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We bought the 50" and also bought the 40" Smart TV, the 40" is built better, seems better quality that the 50". The problem with the 50", the frame is weak, the screen can push inwards around the edges. We have a gap all the way along the bottom of the frame where it meets the screen. These are great TV's for the money, but I certainly would not pay full price.


Price has gone back to £499. I got two and then the web page disappeared for a day. Now re appeared but at the new price. Pleased with mine as they running X Boxes and they are fine sound wise for that for now. I did buy two sound bars from Tesco just in case but have returned them. I think those who took a punt did indeed get a bargain!


After owning one now for a couple of weeks i feel comfortable in saying that I'm very pleased with mine! Yeah there could be more hdmi ports but I got a splitter off eBay and does the job a treat! Build quality seems good and the picture is great too. The only thing I would say is particularly poor is the sound. The sound is very flat and quiet. often I have to have the volume at near maximum. Easily fixed with a decent sound bar though and you still come out cheaper than buying a branded set. for £230 and free next day delivery - I'd recommend any day!


Bought 2. Kids will be some what surprised when they play there x box's and find the TV 's have gone from 32" to 50"!


Had ours delivered yesterday, the box is huge. oO First impressions are mixed. Good points. 1. Looks stylish and super slim. 2. Nice clear picture. 3. Has LAN port built in. 4. Nice large user friendly remote control. Bad Points. 1. The screen feels loose, it moves in its frame. 2. The rear fitment for the stand appears to small, it has 4 holes for screws. When looking in the manual it states 8 holes for screws. It would seem the bracket is for the 32" model. 3. Only one scart socket. 4. The sound quality could be better.

Finlux 65 Inch Smart TV Freeview HD - £799.99 + £4.99 delivery from Finlux Direct.
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Posted 12th Apr 2015Posted 12th Apr 2015
Finlux 65 Inch Smart TV Freeview HD - £799.99 + £4.99 delivery from Finlux Direct.
Use code LOVE65 at checkout to get £100 off the price. A huge 65" screen, plenty of input options. Hopefully of use to someone......
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These are good TVs and there is no delivery charge when bought from As for rev6's derogatory comments: it's not claiming to have 4k or the John Lewis 5 year warranty at the premium John Lewis pricing! It's a lot of TV for the money and you don't have to live on a council estate to want good value.


That went over your head didn't it?


Your forgot not £1000+, a budget TV at a budget price, good for some but not for all, 3D is dead BTW and 4k content is so rare in the UK this is a good stop gap until it becomes more prevalent and the prices come down, as for the council estate comment........?


Based on the AV forums review the TV doesn't seem to be a bad one. My pet hate is backlight uniformity which doesn't seem to be a problem here but is the downfall of many more expensive TV brands. So what if the colour saturation is marginally imperfect when 95% of people will never notice only to see blotchy light bleed on dark scenes on your high end edge kit Samsung. I know what I would pick first. Heat added.


Comment One trick Pony company - winning one award does justify a company's credibility?! That was 2 years ago too

Finlux 50inch LCD TV £299.99 del
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Posted 9th Jan 2015Posted 9th Jan 2015
Finlux 50inch LCD TV £299.99 del
I was after a new TV and I've bought this. Seems a decent buy.
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Got one a while back, Nice but can't get wifi working with bt homehub... AnyOne able to help?


Sweeping statement! I know enough to not use a cheap and nasty tablet from Tesco.


If you don't know that Finlux were once a manufacturer of top end TV's based in Scandinavia then you don't know much about consumer electronics..


i got the polaroid from Asda works great 40 inch.


I've got the Polaroid version of this tv. Both are made by Vestel in Turkey. It's got a good picture, ok sound, and enough connections to keep you going. It will also play from usb sticks.

40 Inch Full HD Smart TV Freeview HD w/ 3x HDMI £229.99 @ Finlux
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Posted 5th Jan 2015Posted 5th Jan 2015
40 Inch Full HD Smart TV Freeview HD w/ 3x HDMI £229.99 @ Finlux
Model 40FME242B-T Full HD TV with Web Browsing, Netflix, Freeview HD & PVR WiFi Dongle included This is direct from Finlux website. Free delivery, 14 Days No Fuss Returns and… Read more

Just to let you know I have a finlux 3d TV absolute rubbish quality and customer service us a joke. Also for the benefit of jukkie finlux are vessel.


I also believe the wifi is built in and not a dongle.


FYI Vestel actually own Finlux. These units are made by Vestel in Turkey.


Does anyone know the difference between the 42F8075-T £249.99 and the 42FME242S-T £279.99? The ME24 is the new model and the specifications look exactly the same but can't find reviews from the same reviewers to properly compare. Ive got the older 8073 in my bedroom by way and it is absolutely fine a year on.


But they already got the money for the second warranty year from most customers... It is a bit unfair, and lots of EU countries do offer 2 years from the start, but I guess that could be a higher starting price in those cases.

Orbitsound airSOUND base (SB60LX) £149.99 @ Finlux
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Posted 28th Dec 2014Posted 28th Dec 2014
Orbitsound airSOUND base (SB60LX) £149.99 @ Finlux
This soundbase is still £200 on their Ebay site and has good reviews. The compact airSOUNDTM Base SB60LX, exclusive to Finlux Direct helps deliver an immersive home cinema experie… Read more



On Amazon lightning deal at 6pm today.


Does anyone have a review on this soundbar? any good? they do offer a refund inc postage back to them if your not happy which i think is good. "If you return your full order, your delivery charge will be refunded as well as your product costs. We will credit your debit or credit card within a maximum of 30 days (usually within 10 days) of receiving your returned products. "


If we took the voting on here seriously.......we'd doubt and nay buy nowt Voting...who cares.......Reviews/Comments/Advice...very nice...keep them a coming ;)


This was £139 (£134 with Mastercard code) in yesterday's Amazon lightning deal, which might explain the cold votes (Yes, I know it's no longer available, but Amazon do tend to repeat items, so might be worth holding on). I've not voted either way.

47 Inch 3D Smart TV Freeview HD (47F9076-T) FINLUX £279.99 @ Finlux 3D TV
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Posted 26th Dec 2014Posted 26th Dec 2014
47 Inch 3D Smart TV Freeview HD (47F9076-T) FINLUX £279.99 @ Finlux 3D TV
Save £620.00 ONLY £279.99 DELIVERED!!!!

I bought a TV from Finlux on Monday (29th) arrived on Tuesday (30th) second TV from them both times fantastic delivery and Customer support .....


Ordered Boxing Day, paid by credit card. Received today without any problems. Sorry to hear not the same story for everyone. Only had a few hours but build and PQ seem excellent. Includes all the extras you could possibly need. Furthermore, it even looks the part. A genuine bargain at £279 Many thanks to OP.


also bought this tv on boxing day only got told yesterday about 4pm order had been cancelled and refunded as well via paypal but been told can take up 30 days for money be payed back to debit card lets just say never be buying from finlux ever again and even spoke to a live chat agent on monday morning saying my order be coming next day disgracefull service


unfortunately Yes :( , shame they did not honour your order


I'm guessing it's a good TV - to run salt in the wounds?!

FINLUX 48 Inch 3D Smart TV Freeview HD (48FT3E242S-T) £399.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 11th Dec 2014Posted 11th Dec 2014
FINLUX 48 Inch 3D Smart TV Freeview HD (48FT3E242S-T) £399.99 @ Finlux Direct
It’s a brand new television from the online only brand and it boasts at least a couple of new features, as far as this manufacturer is concerned. For starters, this TV sports activ… Read more

My Finlux Tv lasted only than 2 years. Voted cold. Colour stripes half of the screen.


Just 50hz so expect quite a bit of blur in fast moving material.


Hi guys good find but a better find here only £349.00


Would love it bigger than 48 inch


great tvs that don't break the bank IMO... heat

Finlux 32 Inch 3D LED TV with Freeview HD £189.99 @
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Posted 1st Dec 2014Posted 1st Dec 2014
Finlux 32 Inch 3D LED TV with Freeview HD £189.99 @
Bit of a basic set, gets great reviews and cheap for 3D. Passive 3D with 8 glasses (will convert 2D to 3D) 2 HDMI (although review says it has 3) USB to pause/record live tv (Freev… Read more

Yeah I saw that, just 3D tvs are more expensive


Finlux do a 39" full HD smart TV with built in wifi and freeview for £199

Finlux 55 Inch 3D Smart TV Freeview HD (55F9076-T) £399.99 at Finlux Direct
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Posted 29th Nov 2014Posted 29th Nov 2014
Finlux 55 Inch 3D Smart TV Freeview HD (55F9076-T) £399.99 at Finlux Direct
I came across this. I know it's a 50hz TV, but still not bad for a 55 inch. View 3D content and enjoy Smart apps like Netflix and BBC iPlayer FREE next day delivery & 12 mon… Read more
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If this was in stock I would be all over it like girls on Ron Jeremy


this was oos all day yesterday



46 inch HD LED TV - £299 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 28th Nov 2014Posted 28th Nov 2014
46 inch HD LED TV - £299 @ Finlux Direct
Hi, just saw this offer for a 46" LED TV for under £300. I was thinking of buying a new TV anyway and a friend of mine recommended Finlux. There are some other great offers too, I'… Read more
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Finlux TVs are known to last 1 to 2 years only. Bad Customer experience when it comes to fixing faults, still waiting a call back, 3 months passed. I have thrown their TV in the rubbish bin and bought a new one.

Finlux Direct 39" Full HD Smart LED Freeview HD TV (39FPD274B-T) £199.99
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Posted 14th Nov 2014Posted 14th Nov 2014
Finlux Direct 39" Full HD Smart LED Freeview HD TV (39FPD274B-T) £199.99
Cheap 39 inch smart tv Screen Size (IN)39 Visible Screen Size (CM)99 Screen ResolutionFull HD (1080p) Smart TVYes HDMI Ports2 Refresh Rate50HZ Energy RatingA 3D TVNo ColourBlack T… Read more

Got mine a few days after order. Seems very good for the price


i have had the exact same problem here as well ,,apparently stolen,wont send replacement as out of stock and god knows when i will get my refund,,,customer service is a nightmare dont buy let them go bust


Worst customer service ever. item did not arrive. online chat team are slow and tell lies. Apparently my goods have been stolen. I've been chasing the delivery company and Finlux for almost a week. Avoid Avoid Avoid!!! read the Amazon reviews


You can order it from the official website or eBay and get free delivery, maybe cancel your Amazon order. :)


Just ordered mine from Amazon. Let's see if it's any good..... Fingers crossed!

40" Full HD TV £219.99 @ Finlux
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Posted 27th Sep 2014Posted 27th Sep 2014
40" Full HD TV £219.99 @ Finlux
The Finlux 40FBD274B-T TV will bring a world of HD entertainment into the comfort of your own living room. Featuring an attractive design, this 40-inch TV will allow you access to … Read more

I bought one and I think it's a top notch TV for the price!


hmm I wonder if it has any backlight bleed?


Both TV's very similar as both made by Vestel. Both HD, Both have PVR record and playback, including video playback from a USB. Pays your money and takes your choice. Me, I'm paying the extra £20 for a better stand and to have it now.


Yes its £20 less and does a whole lot less. Also it's not available until 28th October. Voted hot to cancel out Mr Smarty Pants above (_;)



Finlux 32 Inch Smart LED Super Slim TV (wifi + freeview HD) down from £329.99 to £199.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 19th Sep 2014Posted 19th Sep 2014
Finlux 32 Inch Smart LED Super Slim TV (wifi + freeview HD) down from £329.99 to £199.99 @ Finlux Direct
I know this won't be for everyone as most people want as big a tv as possible, but this seems like a fantastic deal to me for a 32inch smart tv, with wifi, freeview HD and USB play… Read more
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Finlux is just another brand name used by Vestel...think along the lines of Bush/Hitachi/Polaroid/Technika that all the supermarkets sell.


Quite tempted by this for the eldest's Xmas present or might get the digimate from ebuyer that's now £150 but was the other week £140 of it goes down again.


Bought a finlux 32" free view TV about 15 months ago. Menu is a bit quirky but that aside, a fine TV for the money.


Prove? I don't think this model existed 5 years ago


I'm interested in this TV as only want it for my bedroom but don't know much about finlux. Can anyone shed any light on it as a brand please?

Finlux 32'' Full HD Smart LED TV (32F8072-T) £179.99 including free next day delivery at Finlux Direct
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Posted 28th Aug 2014Posted 28th Aug 2014
Finlux 32'' Full HD Smart LED TV (32F8072-T) £179.99 including free next day delivery at Finlux Direct
Seems like a good price for a full HD Smart TV, reviews seem pretty positive overall. Specs from website: Screen Size (IN) 32 inches Screen Resolution - Full HD (1080p) Screen … Read more
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Just received the second TV. Service from Finland was very good. Netflix through the dongle better better than virgin media. Don't regret getting this at all. 50 inch one now for the living room


The price didn't go up. A different, super slim model is for 199 and it is the only one available


Super fast delivery, monitored nicely on the DPD delivery site so knew within 15 minutes of when my package was and the drivers name (Go Zil !!) Picture excellent, sound ok typical FINLUX, sounds a bit tinny then after a while it sounds ok. Best button of all is the NETFLIX direct link button, rest of T'internet is usual crappy on screen keyboard nonsense. Not done Skype on this TV yet. Dongle works fine as does tethered connection. All in all pleased.


Matwales and flipd, thank you both for you replies.

Finlux 40" Full HD LED PVR TV £219.99  from Finlux direct
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Posted 14th Aug 2014Posted 14th Aug 2014
Finlux 40" Full HD LED PVR TV £219.99 from Finlux direct
Was looking for a semi decent TV for my father in law and this seems to fit the bill nicely. Is 1080p, supports freeview, USB playback/record and has PVR functionality. Very good… Read more
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I just used this link and worked fine for me.


How do you sign up to their VIP club online. Have tried for about 15 minutes to do so but it's beaten me.


None of both has HD tuner, what is not impressing really. Not important for those receiving thru Sky, or tv-boycotters who only use their screen to display downloaded movies or for gaming.


if anyone needs it the Blaupunkt from Richersounds has 3 HDMI's rather than 2 that's on the Finlux both sound like good TV's. But I would go for Blaupunkt through Richersounds, V.I.P price is £229.99 with 5 year guarantee.


Arrived first thing this morning, considering I only placed the order around 3:30pm last night I'm very impressed. TV looks good and the quality seems fine.

Finlux 32 Inch Smart LED Super Slim TV (32H8075-T) - £199.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 13th Jul 2014Posted 13th Jul 2014
Finlux 32 Inch Smart LED Super Slim TV (32H8075-T) - £199.99 @ Finlux Direct
£200 for a "Smart" LED TV is pretty good, OK so it's not Full HD but you can't really complain for this price, looks like a Samsung style TV. Has Youtube, Netflix, Skype, Iplayer … Read more
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I have a finlux after their last offer. The software is buggy and their support is awful if you have problems. I wouldn't buy another i am considering replacing after 6 months and using mine as a monitor it's that bad


richersounds are still advertising a Blaupunkt tv for £150 including 5 year warranty. Not smart but you can by an android box for the 50 difference.


its a bit misleading, it shows netflix on the image but says it's not supported on the faq read the smart tv guide for list of supported apps


Not worth the money will be lucky if it lasts. Argos had some samsungs for £30 more the other day


Read up on Vestel - they make these (the own the brand name) as well as budget models for Sharp, Toshiba and other brands so there is quite a lot of info online.

Finlux 50" smart tv reduced £349.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 10th Jul 2014Posted 10th Jul 2014
Finlux 50" smart tv reduced £349.99 @ Finlux Direct
Bought one of these last week for £399.99, bit gutted to see its been dropped already but hey oh, for the price its an amazing deal....
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I managed to get my refund of £50, can't knock their service, sucks that you didn't Maybe call them or bank?


Quick update - I NEVER received my refund - despite promises - they just disappear from online chat when i query it. Had to get chargeback from my visa debit card - got money back yesterday. Seems if alls ok then no problems..............but if anything goes wrong they just can't/wont deal with it. Dave


Hi Hi This happened when I bought mine, I went onto the chat on the website, gave my order number and they sent me the dongle within a few days


Bought and love the TV - the picture is excellent! However, it didn't come with an external wireless adapter and instead seems to have one built in! However, it doesn't work. Has anybody successfully managed this, and if so how? Thanks!


Picture-quality wise, is this or the Toshiba better? Also, what's everyone using the SMART functionality for? Checking facebook and the weather? :|

Finlux 22F6072 22" Widescreen Full-HD 1080p LED TV with Built-In Freeview and PVR £114.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 29th Jun 2014Posted 29th Jun 2014
Finlux 22F6072 22" Widescreen Full-HD 1080p LED TV with Built-In Freeview and PVR £114.99 @ Finlux Direct
Free delivery.

That records as well?


you can get a 32'' from asda for about £30 more

£149.99 + £4.99 shipping  In stock. Sold by Finlux Direct; Finlux 32H6072-D 32 Inch LED Widescreen HD Ready TV with Freeview & USB PVR Recording Black (New for 2013) £154.98 at Amazon
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Posted 4th Jun 2014Posted 4th Jun 2014
£149.99 + £4.99 shipping In stock. Sold by Finlux Direct; Finlux 32H6072-D 32 Inch LED Widescreen HD Ready TV with Freeview & USB PVR Recording Black (New for 2013) £154.98 at Amazon
This deal was posted before couple of week a go on ebay with price £169.99 free delivered. Finlux 32H6072-D 32 Inch LED Widescreen HD Ready TV with Freeview & USB PVR Recordin… Read more
Finlux 40'' Smart LED TV Web Browsing Netflix Skype Freeview HD PVR (40F8073-T) - £249.99 - eBay & Finlux Direct
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Posted 23rd May 2014Posted 23rd May 2014
Finlux 40'' Smart LED TV Web Browsing Netflix Skype Freeview HD PVR (40F8073-T) - £249.99 - eBay & Finlux Direct
Gone down further to under £250, might not be the best out there, but still good value for money. Ebay link: manufa… Read more
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Anyone who bought it have a quick review?


nice find


Most TVs have pretty poor sound, I'd be looking to add a soundbar or receiver anyway


Customer service are good as well. I wasn't happy with the remote so I emailed them and they sent me the new model out free of charge.


Also have this tv, the sound isn't great but apart from that i'm really happy with it. I use the iPlayer and Netflix apps quite a lot and they work well.

40'' Smart LED TV £299.99  from Finlux
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Posted 24th Apr 2014Posted 24th Apr 2014
40'' Smart LED TV £299.99 from Finlux
Finlux 40" Full HD 1080p Smart TV! LED Back lit, freeview, pause and record live TV Use apps such as netflix and skype!
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worst ever tellys only last 6 months


= Crapola


Finlux = Vestel

Finlux 42" Smart TV - £100 off this Bank Holiday £349.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 20th Apr 2014Posted 20th Apr 2014
Finlux 42" Smart TV - £100 off this Bank Holiday £349.99 @ Finlux Direct
First post so in danger of being shot down but this looks like a great deal to me: 42" Smart TV for just £349.99 instead of £449.99. They've got the same model in 32" and 50" for £… Read more
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Finlux have to be the worst ever....if you thinking about buying one then please DON'T!!! I have had 2 TV's within 12 months and both broke, then had to threaten legal action to get a refund. PLEASE PLEASE stay clear of this company


Finlux, cheap and cheerful but this is pricy. You can do a lot better, meaning you can go with a main brand for the same price or a little more if you wait or shop around. Something like the LG LG 42LN575V can be had for around £360ish currently, I've even seen the 42LA620V (3D) for £380 recently. With these you'll get a decent selection of apps and far better build quality.


don't get the cold votes.... £100 off a 42" smart TV... not the best make but a quick Google search gives decent reviews.... 7/10 by the AV forum guys. You want 10/10 reviews, go spend £500+ on a Sony/Samsung. heat from me... and interest. ta.


40 inch version also, at £300:


Apparently it has pvr functionality (USB recording). It has 2 USB slots, and 3 hdmi's. It has a WiFi dongle supplied. Any feedback on quality of the brand or this particular TV?

Finlux 40'' Smart LED TV (40F8073-T) £299.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 13th Mar 2014Posted 13th Mar 2014
Finlux 40'' Smart LED TV (40F8073-T) £299.99 @ Finlux Direct
I know this as been put up before, however as far as I can see the offers have expired. Just been tested at What Hi-Fi and they have given it 5 stars… Read more

It became quite common to see CRT TVs with a built in DVD player. The reason is it's another box the companies can sell you to go under your TV and make them more money.


This tele was posted on hukd for £279 in december and was recently £289 so it might be worth waiting to get an extra few quid off


How can they give it 5 stars and say the sound is rubbish ? Good sound is vitally important in a tv . I like the way they say Why not just spend the extra money on a better set with proper sound .


There's been a few tvs on here lately.....notably Sony @ Costco I the only one thinking that "smart" isn't all it should be yet? All I have seen don't rate that feature as any good on ANY brand in the reviews?


Well the Turkish Delight deal, seems to be getting quite hot at poundstretcher!oO

32" LED TV for £169.99 delivered next day! (Finlux)
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Posted 20th Jan 2014Posted 20th Jan 2014
32" LED TV for £169.99 delivered next day! (Finlux)
Lots of Finlux deals posted, but this one seems to have escaped! Basic spec TV for those that failed to find the £99 Tesco mirage! Screen Size (IN) 26 - 38 inches Visible Screen … Read more

What £99 Tesco TV's?


Can't find 2 for£ 99


It wasn't a 'mirage' I managed to get 2 it was available online £99 each delivered free.


Here's the direct link for the TV/DVD combi..... TV/DVD combi

Finlux 40'' LED Full-HD 1080p TV includes a PVR @ Amazon £249
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Posted 17th Jan 2014Posted 17th Jan 2014
Finlux 40'' LED Full-HD 1080p TV includes a PVR @ Amazon £249
Im after a tv 40" still searching, but found this, comes with Freeview and PVR . I know there is aTechnika 39" 20 notes cheaper....still havnt decided Pvr is a record to usb syst… Read more
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As a pvr user, I couldn't go without the facility to pause live tv. It's a major reason why our tv tuner gets little (no) use, and a major annoyance when always lacking in a hotel. I guess what I'm trying to say is; don't undervalue this feature. A lot of the big brands don't have it. In fact; even if you were to get a dedicated pvr, it would be very useful as then you can dedicate the pvr to recording without missing out on this ability for just watching . And of the subject in question; if you read the description, it IS a pvr - you can set a recording up to a week in advance (not just manual record) although I'm fairly sure it's still going to be a single tuner, so you're not likely to be able to watch something different to the recording program.


On a serious note what would you recommend , Samsung, would get an additional sound bar with it ?


"I know there is aTechnika 39" 20 notes cheaper" Do yourself a favour. This is a little less worse than the Technika. But still not very good. Spend a little more and buy a decent set. You won't regret it.


How many people buy TV's between midnight and 8am in the UK?? The site is now up and the deal was live should you have taken the time to do a bit of searching which I did not have time to do as like many others, I was going to bed at midnight. I posted it quickly (as I said) just to make the OP aware there was a better deal out there. You can't please some people.


Yes it does..

40" LED Full HD 1080p TV - £249.99 @ Finlux
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Posted 3rd Jan 2014Posted 3rd Jan 2014
40" LED Full HD 1080p TV - £249.99 @ Finlux
A great price for a LED full HD 1080p 40", A energy rated TV. Freeview, USB PVR, LED back-lit.
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I read an article that stated that finlux make the tv's for samsung and others .They just put their own branding on them


Bought a 40" finlux last year and although no where near a Panasonic in terms of picture quality it was well worth the price and exceeded my expectations.


Thx for taking the time to reply


People have learnt to buy branded TVs mainly, especially when this is priced not far off some recent deals like the samsung 39" for £239 at tesco


Is anyone prepared to share why the cold votes are here ????

Finlux 50 inch full HD LED TV £399.99 @ Finlux
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Posted 3rd Jan 2014Posted 3rd Jan 2014
Finlux 50 inch full HD LED TV £399.99 @ Finlux
Seems like a pretty good deal for a 50" full HD to me! Details thanks to @mysmith 50'' Full-HD LED TV (50F6090) 1080p, Freeview & USB PVR 50'' Full-HD LED TV (50F6090) Sav… Read more

Where and when did you get the 40 for 279?


Possibly the worst customer service I have ever experienced. Ordered a TV on 29/11/2013 for a Christmas present. It never came. They forgot to issue the refund. You name it they did it. I am still waiting for an explanation. Over £20 in phone calls over the Christmas period. Once being kept on hold for over 40 minutes. An awful experience and one that would put me off ever dealing with them again.


you get what you pay for


Same TV 389 at amazon


Aren't Finlux just another badge being used on Turkish Vestel made TV's? so essentially a Bush/Alba/Technika/Polaroid etc..??

Finlux 32" Smart LED TV with Wireless Dongle and DNLA player £199
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Posted 30th Dec 2013Posted 30th Dec 2013
Finlux 32" Smart LED TV with Wireless Dongle and DNLA player £199
These are reduced in the finlux sale, good TV for its price. Full Spec: Screen Size (IN) 26 - 38 inches Visible Screen Size (CM) 81 Screen Resolution Full HD (1080p) Screen Forma… Read more
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Looks like it's GONE.................................


Is there a reason this never went hot? It looks a fantastic bit of kit for the price and has everything (and more) I am looking for. My requirements are LED - Check Full HD - Check Microphone out - Check Under £200 - Check 2 x HDMI - Check A rated Energy saver - Check I have no use for the smart TV functions whatsoever, I do not watch terrestrial TV or even sky, only the occasional Blur Ray and gaming. Primarily this will be used with my PS3 and soon my PS4......


Heat, heat, heat from me!


That's a lot of TV for the money. Hot from me.


DLNA means if you have a network device such as a network attached hard drive or another computer with pictures or films on you can stream direct to your TV without the need for another player.

Finlux 50" Full HD TV £399 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 28th Dec 2013Posted 28th Dec 2013
Finlux 50" Full HD TV £399 @ Finlux Direct
Thought this was a good ish deal for a big no fuss TV. Great for the Gamers. 1080p 50 inch LED Display The Finlux 50F6090 LED TV offers you stunning Full High definition picture c… Read more

Its more scary that these people are on our roads! Jeez what load of rubbish!


Not bad feature wise but add £40 extra and get this SmartTV instead.. Much better comparing it with this one.


See what the Consumers Association said about Finlux before you buy. Poor quality sound, picture, construction and reliability. Sorry cold from me.


Why buy a cheaply made Finlux TV when for less than £80 more (Currys) you can have a quality Panasonic. For the same money as the Finlux you can get a Panasonic Plasma.If you cannot afford the £80 extra then save up a bit more, it will be worth it.


nah I'm waiting for the ps51f550 or the Sony 50 inch at RS to go on offer

42" FULL-HD 1080p 3D LED TV+8x 3D GLASSES £319.99 @Finlux Direct  (2D-3D Upscaling, Freeview, PVR)
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Posted 23rd Dec 2013Posted 23rd Dec 2013
42" FULL-HD 1080p 3D LED TV+8x 3D GLASSES £319.99 @Finlux Direct (2D-3D Upscaling, Freeview, PVR)
FINLUX 42'' 3D LED TV (42F7077-D) WAS £499.99 NOW £319.99 SAVE £180.00! 3D Action in High Definition The Finlux 42F7077-D 42 -inch LED 3D TV turns any room into an entertainmen… Read more

Good find


The bush 42" 3d tv at argos has gone up to £399 The original link still says £280 but its out of stock so I searched again and wow they added £100 No sorry i'm wrong they have two tvs that are very similar but have over £100 price difference. cheers to all who have commented


The Bush is assembled in Slovakia by UMC. Argos and UMC quote the same model number in their user manuals, athough some of the line drawings are dissinilar. Compare to the suggested Finlus equivalent. Argos Bush manual. UMC Bush manual. Finlux manual. And OP appears to have been overcome by the Finlux marketing team's over-exaggerated discount claim of £180 (complete with exclamation mark). The most recent and near-usual price from Finlux is £349.99, but even the current Finlux price is still nowhere near the Argos Bush £280 price if it is a near-identical model.


I bought one of these about 18 months back as a stop gap until OLED TVs came out as I don't like the poor quality of the picture on plasma and LCD TVs. Its not as good a picture as a CRT of course but its as good as most plasmas and LCDs that I have seen, even ones that cost much more than this. The up scaling of SD is better than I expected and I am happy to live with it until 4K comes out. The 3D is good and the glasses are much lighter and more comfortable than the shutter glasses I have to use when I watch 3D content on my Optoma 3D projector. Unless its cartons/animations I tend to watch most films and 3D content on my projector so that I can have an approximately 85 inch diagonal screen, but for every day use I am very pleased with this TV, I bought mine for £299 including next day delivery I think, off the Finlux ebay outlet. I think most people would be happy with this TV


On second thoughts, you might have noticed that the TV in the picture here is EXACTLY THE SAME as the Bush model sold by Argos for £279.99, which also has exactly the same features and also comes with 8x 3D glasses. It seems as though both companies are using the same supplier and re-branding the TV set.

Finlux 26F7030 26 inch LCD 1080p 3D TV - 169.99 @ Amazon
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Posted 6th Dec 2013Posted 6th Dec 2013
Finlux 26F7030 26 inch LCD 1080p 3D TV - 169.99 @ Amazon
Great price for this "better than expected" smaller 3D TV Also available from for the same price Comes with 4 pairs of passive glasses Review and link in 1st pos… Read more
Spida-pig Both from Sainsburys. Don't know how good they are but I've been very tempted for a while as a second 3d tv for the spare room.


any deals on any 32'' models?


From review: I'd avoid. But hot since cheap for a budget TV.


Most buyers and Trusted Reviews think differently but more money will get you a better telly... It's certainly better than anything else at this price point.


Id argue its a great price if the the tv is great quality...something I think this set would be lacking

Finlux 32'' 3D LED TV, Full-HD 1080p With Freeview HD & 8x 3D Glasses - £259.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 1st Sep 2013Posted 1st Sep 2013
Finlux 32'' 3D LED TV, Full-HD 1080p With Freeview HD & 8x 3D Glasses - £259.99 @ Finlux Direct
Very good TV, The Freeview HD works exceptionally well. More inputs (11) than you can shake a stick at. 3D is decent, although it could be better, but not for this price, still gre… Read more
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Yes they are assembled in Turkey. Finlux is a turkish brand, its part of Vestel. Vestel make a huge number of televisions often for mainstream brands. Even Panasonic have had some basic entry level models made by Vestel.


Don't touch Finlux. The name suggests Finnish made , but they're actually from Turkey. I made the mistake of buying a 23" model recently. What a mistake . The sound was so bad I had to go and buy a sound system to make it acceptable.

bonzobanana 3D doesn't appear to be very highly rated. Seems like the 3D processing is a bit weak. I wonder if there is any 3D settings you can alter. Finlux, Blaupunkt, Bush, Alba, Hitachi and a ton of other brands passive 3D tvs are all based on generic chinese parts with a LG passive 3D panel assembled in Europe somewhere normally. Note. You can get a 42" LED 3D TV from Argos for £329.99. It has direct LED backlighting (for more uniform backlighting and higher brightness but no localised dimming). Might be worth the price increase if you want a bigger screen at the expense of no freeview hd. on the same Finlux site they do another 32" 3D tv for £239.99 but its only 720p. However it's a thinner bezel and much more pleasent design perhaps copying the Samsung/LG models. It still has freeview hd.,3,shop,3d[image missing]Both Finlux models are on Amazon for the same price.

lcassey Gets a 4 out of 5 from What Hi Fi, 3d is crap on it but everything else gets highly rated!


Granted not the same model but they got a really high review on here:

Finlux 32'' 3D LED TV, HD 720p, Freeview HD, PVR & 8x 3D Glasses (32H7072-DT) £239.99 delivered @Amazon sold by Finlux Direct
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Posted 14th Aug 2013Posted 14th Aug 2013
Finlux 32'' 3D LED TV, HD 720p, Freeview HD, PVR & 8x 3D Glasses (32H7072-DT) £239.99 delivered @Amazon sold by Finlux Direct
Product Description The Finlux 32H7072-DT LED TV offers breath-taking 3D action and stunning HD programming thanks to its Freeview HD tuner. Coming with 4 pairs of 3D glasses too, … Read more
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a guy has a video of this item here


Is read it in newsagents couldn't find it online it's a review of many 32 inch tvs the Panasonic won


Have they put the review online? Couldn't see on their website. They seem to get very mixed reviews but you get a lot of your money. Anyone know how good the PVR features are?


Just saw this in what hifi magazine latest edition got good review

Finlux 42 inch plus 8 pairs of 3d glasses - £349.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 11th Jul 2013Posted 11th Jul 2013
Finlux 42 inch plus 8 pairs of 3d glasses - £349.99 @ Finlux Direct
This Full HD Finlux 42F7020-D 42-inch LED 3D TV turns any room into an entertainment hub thanks to breathtaking 3D action. You’ll also have full access to showcase your videos, pho… Read more

3D @ 50Hz? Good find, but not worth the money. Keep it up!


Well done on posting your first deal! Don't get downhearted if this doesn't get hot - it's just unfortunate (and perhaps confusing) that Finlux themselves are offering it at a lower price via eBay. Keep posting and sharing - that's what HUKD is all about! :)


COLD, I only know 6 other people.


first post thought is share

Finlux 22'' LED TV FULL HD Freeview & PVR, Silver £119.99 @ Finlux Direct
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Posted 22nd Apr 2013Posted 22nd Apr 2013
Finlux 22'' LED TV FULL HD Freeview & PVR, Silver £119.99 @ Finlux Direct
Was looking for a decent priced tv for our bedroom, and this one ticked all the boxes, some decent reviews too. Had mine delivered today and it is excellent. Hopefully help someon… Read more

Hot from me...great price taking into consideration the built in pvr!


Yes it is excellent. Yes it is excellent, good EPG layout too.


cheers have you used the pvr yet?


Im afraid not mate.


why cold? ive been looking for one of these and seems to tick all the boxes! can you get the freeview hd channels?

Finlux Direct 47 Inch 3D TV, LED, Ultra-Slim, Full-HD 1080p, PVR & 8x 3D Glasses (47F7010)
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Posted 10th Dec 2012Posted 10th Dec 2012
Finlux Direct 47 Inch 3D TV, LED, Ultra-Slim, Full-HD 1080p, PVR & 8x 3D Glasses (47F7010)
Finlux Direct 47 Inch 3D TV, LED, Ultra-Slim, Full-HD 1080p, PVR & 8x 3D Glasses (47F7010) £499.99 The Finlux 47F7010 LED TV brings breathtaking 3D action to your living room… Read more

Now 479


For brand like this I would pay no more than 399


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