Fire Angel Carbon Monoxide Detector Twin Pack - 50% Off now only £2.48 + Del - Tesco

Fire Angel Carbon Monoxide Detector Twin Pack - 50% Off now only £2.48 + Del - Tesco

Found 20th Aug 2008
Essential at home or whilst on your holidays !!!
These Carbon monoxide patchs turn darker in the presence of deadly Carbon monoxide. A must-have for homes with gas fittings.

Pick up in store or order with £2.47 sim card for FREE delivery, See Hotscots post for FREE Del details:…-d/


A good idea but I heard most people died of Carbon Monoxide poisining in their sleep. If I wanted protection I'd want an audible alarm not just a patch changing colour!

Easier to take a patch on holiday than an alarm, if there was a leak it would tell you on your first day there.

Do yourself a favour and get a proper alarm these are rubbish if using at home *

*Ideal to take on hols tho

Also heard these were rubbish from a Fire Officer, the spot changes colour even if no carbon monoxide found and can be affected by other household sprays, conditions etc.

Get an audible one.

[SIZE="4"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Would you buy a cardboard smoke alarm? Please do not waste your money on these - go for a proper alarm that beeps when CO present. Having been through the panic when one of these changes colour at time when children were not well - they are seriously not worth it[/FONT][/SIZE]

I'm voting this cold. Please get a audible alarm. May be more hassle but be worth it god forbid something went wrong!

I took my audible fireangel on holiday, they aint that big!!!
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