Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - Nintendo Wii £14.99 @ GameStation

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - Nintendo Wii £14.99 @ GameStation

Found 10th Nov 2008
Great price for a good RPG's on Nintendo WIi. Game is doesn't go on sale often so is a good time to buy if you want it.

Item Description from site:

the world of strategy games, Fire Emblem is about as old as they come. It kicked off way back in the heady days of the Famicom and has had ten iterations spread across the NES, the Super Famicom, GBA, the DS, and now Wii. In short, it has pedigree.

Radiant Dawn treads firmly in the footsteps of its forebears, pushing players through a fantasy world as they engage in turn-based strategy.

The action starts up three years after the death of Mad King Ashnard, and the kingdom of Daein has fallen into disarray. A corrupt government is striving desperately to keep control over a populace teetering on the brink of chaos. Switching from the previous game, players take on the role of the Daein - the enemies in Path of Radiance. Specifically, you control a group of rebels called the Dawn Brigade in a quest to take down the corrupt government.

It might be a Wii game, but Radiant Dawn is certainly one for the more hardcore strategy enthusiast.

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Looks good price, welcome to HUKD 0201693

78% on metacritic, based on 35 ]reviews.
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