Fire pit & cast iron Chiminea £29.99 Each @ Home Bargains

Fire pit & cast iron Chiminea £29.99 Each @ Home Bargains

Found 12th May 2011
fire pit looks quite big - box is over a metre wide but unsure about the chiminea

bargain for this price
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bought the firepit last year and its really good. had it exposed to the elements all year and it has not rusted and is much larger than the other cheap firepits.
thanks for the info
can this be used for bbq as well?
I suppose you could throw some burgers on the mesh
hhmmmnnn fire pit or chimnea?

off to buy one but cant decide!

EDIT*** Had decided on the chimnea. When i got there the quality was atrocious.... came away with nowt
got one myself a while ago for 27 quid. only used it once so far n it took 3 bags of charcoal and a a bit of coal just put a bit of sand at the bottom to protect the base... works well I'd recommend it..
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