Fireangel CO-9D Digital Sealed for Life Carbon Monoxide Alarm £17.98 £ (Prime) / £22.47 (non Prime) at Amazon

Fireangel CO-9D Digital Sealed for Life Carbon Monoxide Alarm £17.98 £ (Prime) / £22.47 (non Prime) at Amazon

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FireAngel Digital 7 Year Life Carbon Monoxide Alarm
What Is Carbon Monoxide (CO)?
Carbon monoxide is a dangerous, poisonous gas that kills hundreds of people each year and injures many more. The most common causes of carbon monoxide poisoning are poorly fitted or maintained domestic fossil-fuel-burning heating appliances, such as boilers. It is often referred to as the silent killer because it has no odour or taste and cannot be seen. Like oxygen, CO enters the body through the lungs during the normal breathing process. It competes with oxygen by replacing it in the red blood cells, thereby reducing the flow of oxygen to the heart, brain and other vital organs. In high concentrations, CO can kill in minutes.
Why Do You Need an Alarm?
Many cases of reported carbon monoxide poisoning indicate that while victims are aware they are not feeling well, they become disorientated and unable to save themselves by either exiting the building or calling for assistance. Exposure during sleep is particularly dangerous because the victim usually does not wake up. Children and the elderly are particularly susceptible to CO. CO exposure can lead to miscarriages and stillbirths in pregnant women. A carbon monoxide alarm should be installed in any room that has a fuel burning appliance.
The FireAngel CO-9D Digital 7 Year Life Carbon Monoxide Alarm
Reduce the chance of being poisoned by carbon monoxide (CO). FireAngel’s electronic audible CO alarms constantly monitor the home, providing early warning of the deadly gas well before danger levels are reached. The CO-9D is a feature rich, market-leading alarm, offering the ultimate protection from deadly CO.

Digital LCD display
Digital LCD display
Warning of Dangerous Low Levels
Provides early warning of the presence of low or high levels of CO in your home through alarm and LCD display. The digital LCD display shows low levels of CO down to 10 ppm (parts per million) and also peak readings over the previous 4 weeks.
Image of battery with orange tick
7-Year Life battery
Never Need to Change the Battery
The internal battery will power the alarm for 7 years in normal operating conditions. The battery is sealed inside the alarm to keep you safe so that it cannot be pinched for use in the TV remote.
Speaker icon
85 dB alarm
Alerting You to the Danger
The alarm has an 85 decibel sounder/horn that will alert you in an emergency to the presence of deadly carbon monoxide.
Integrated thermometer
Additional Temperature Feature
The digital display can be switched between CO monitor and the integrated room thermometer. This is a particularly useful feature when monitoring the temperature is important, such as in a room where a baby is sleeping.
Kitemark-certified to the latest standards
Tested to the Highest Standards
The Kitemark is most frequently used to identify products where safety is paramount, such as crash helmets, smoke alarms, carbon monoxide alarms and flood defences. A Kitemark is only awarded once the product has passed a rigorous testing programme.
A travel solution
For Use at Home and on Holiday
There have been a number of tragedies and numerous near-misses in the UK and abroad in recent years. No one should take it for granted that their hotel room, holiday home, caravan or canal boat is safe.
Manufacturer’s Description
Large multi function easy read digital LCD display shows CO level and room temperature. 7 year sealed in battery means no need ever to change. Portable, for home or holiday use. Certified to BS EN 50291-2001.
Box Contains
1 x Carbon monoxide alarm
1x Screw pack
1x Instruction manual
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