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Posted 1 November 2023

FIREBAT SSD PCIE 4.0 2230 Gen4 M.2 1TB for Steam Deck / Rog Ally / Surface Pro - Factory Direct Collected Store

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Please note this is the smaller size SSD for Surface / Steam deck etc.
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  1. TheJimp's avatar
    cool, these SSDs are so much cheaper now. Just to note that the Steam Deck is Gen 3x4 so you won't get the full speed of these. I don't know what the power draw is on these, but you may find a Gen 3 is lower, and at lower temperatures, if battery life is important to you.

    Either way, a 1tb SSD is such a great upgrade to the base 64gb model.
    Chuggee's avatar
    You don't need the full sequential speed, Gen4 drives still offer better random IO performance which is the limiting factor for gaming now. (edited)
  2. Craigj1990's avatar
    Been using this drive for a few months now, been running great so far. No issues.
  3. brendanb581's avatar
    Showing £44.01 for me, am I missing something?
    ando's avatar
    Vat on top
  4. moosehound's avatar
    Just gone through at £39 for me ... Thanks OP
  5. fishmaster's avatar
    When Seagate uses the word Fire in their products i.e Firecuda everyone goes ahhh very nice, high end performance. When a nobrand Chinese company uses the word Fire in their actual company name everyone goess argghhh Fire! Fire! Chinese, cheap, Fire! Nasty!
    Darthballs's avatar
    you got the wrong end, i think it's the other words

    firecuda - cuda cores = good word
    firebat - bat = brings back shivers with the covd = bad word
  6. jonnybargain's avatar
    This runs hot 🔥 Firebat 🦇
  7. CurvedSlightly's avatar
    Firebat-poo crazy deal!
  8. David_Smith-3e671.65886's avatar
    Somehow managed to get one for a total of £45.91, just recently picked up a steam deck so this is a great wee find. Much appreciation given to the person that found this
    Horrorwood's avatar
  9. Horrorwood's avatar
    Update, it is actually £45.91 due to some promotion Aliexpress is having today
  10. LiamSmith78's avatar
    It's not the correct picture uploaded. This is a B+M type fitting which is an older type. I dunno if this was the website (most likely), but it shows the correct one now if so.
  11. The.Fatter.Cat's avatar
    Cheap little drive, TLC NAND too.
    Unknown brand and support will be non-existent but the majority of reviews are positive so worth a punt at that price if just using it as a game drive (which I'm guessing most of you will be). (edited)
  12. Zilema's avatar
    Just placed an order and got it for £39 with promotion
  13. beaversrus's avatar

    It's a bingo website for sure (edited)
    Horrorwood's avatar
    Yeah I've given up changing the price, someone else got it for £39 too.

    When other 2230 size 1tb's are about double the price its still a good deal regardless imho.
  14. ManishP's avatar
    Created a new AliExpress account and got it for £39 with new user discount.
  15. hamish8888's avatar
    Showed £46 something for me added a 512 drive then Deleted it and it took it down to £39.50
  16. kane_th_gaming's avatar
    Worth it?
  17. GrimDanFango's avatar
    1TB OOS for UK delivery
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