Firebox PicoZ Insecta Helicopter £12.47 PLUS £3.95 P&P
Firebox PicoZ Insecta Helicopter £12.47 PLUS £3.95 P&P

Firebox PicoZ Insecta Helicopter £12.47 PLUS £3.95 P&P

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Firebox celebrates its 10th birthday by offereing a diferent product each day for half price.
Today its the PicoZ Insecta Helicopter

What do you get when you cross an ultra-manoeuvrable palm-size infra-red helicopter with an insect? Stumped? You should be because Insecta is unlike any other flying gizmo around. Well okay, technically it's almost identical to the best-selling PicoZ Micro Helicopter. The difference is this sinister-looking whirlybird resembles some kind of alien robo-bug. How cool is that?
Perfect for indoor flights, this titchy, ready-to-fly gizmo is controlled via a twin channel, wide-beam infra-red transmitter that also serves as a charger for its lightweight lithium battery. Once you get to grips with the controls you'll be conducting flights from the comfort of your desk or sofa every waking hour. It really is hideously addictive. And in terms of insect-related entertainment it makes splatting wasps and watching bluebottles headbutt the window seem positively dull.


I was about to post this hehe, hot


To be honest, the price isn't that great- Play.com have them for £12.99 with Free delivery
EDIT- My Mistake, this offer has now expired hotukdeals.com/ite…re/

Same just about to post! But you beat me to it! xD Hot!

I posted this in the other thread but in case anyone hasn't seen it:

You can avoid the £3.95 postage by going through CD Wow. Firebox run their gadget shop and give free delivery on everything there.

The helicopter is the same price at WOW-gadgets:

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