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Firechief FEL730 3 Storey Foldable Fire Escape Ladder With Extra Wide Treads - £81.50 @ Amazon

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About this deal

About this item
  • QUICK TO DEPLOY: This fire escape ladder is quick and easy to deploy, giving you more time to safely exit the fire situation. A simple fold-out design and clear instructions provided in the box make it simpler to safely escape a fire.
  • FLAME RESISTANT: This ladder has been designed and manufactured from durable, flame-resistant materials. This gives you the confidence that it is safer to use and carries a superior load rating thanks to its durability.
  • EXTRA WIDE LADDER TREADS: This ladder comes with extra wide 300mm rungs for safer and easier use.
  • COMPACT STORAGE BOX: The Firechief escape ladder is packed in an ultra-compact storage box, designed to fit easily in a wardrobe or under a bed. The box also has a grab handle to make it quick and easy to move to the escape window.
  • 340 MILLIMETRE WINDOW SILL DEPTH: This escape ladder is designed to fit many types of windows, with a maximum window sill depth of 340mm.
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    I got one of these for £20 years ago in TKMaxx - hope I never need it

    People thing I’m a raging nerd when I tell them we have an escape ladder
    I purchased something like this recently but after reading reviews and advice I got one that set the steps away from the wall (so your feet can more safely get and stay on the steps)

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    Most people cannot use a real raking ladder when deployed correctly.....this would be fatal in an emergency used under panic..better consulting FO and perhaps looking to add/improve fore precautions for detection inside the building which MUST have a protected route etc. for MOE....COLD on that basis..........Read the instructions, as smoke fills your eyes, before deploying if you must for added safety ........
    Utter drivel
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    Thanks! Will come in handy as the mother-in-law is doing Xmas Dinner
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    Many of the people I see close to where I live don't even have opening lights on upper floor windows let alone an escape route. I ordered the extra cost hinges which allow the windows to open to 90 degrees to allow escape, the ordinary ones will only open to around 45 degrees and given the size of some people these days they wouldn't be able to squeeze through that let alone climb down a fire ladder.
    Fair comment. Size of people is their choice and can't be designed for in these cases....First photo shows a sliding sash to provide full window opening width, which I have never seen in a residential building in UK. Does not mean they do not exist though. No grab rails from cill. to ladder. I use ladders but no thanks. Last photo window obstructs opening in window frame, totally not possible to exit safely. Certainly not while that chain link ladder would be swinging wildly,...possibly 3 floors up - try cocking a leg over that window cill too. Looks totally American advertising and not safe. Have a good Christmas, my friend. COLD deal based on this.
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    If the house was on fire and I was trapped upstairs I'd have a go getting out on one of these.
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    Reckon if I was only 2 or 3 storeys up I'd have more chance getting out via the stairs than dragging this thing out of a cupboard, setting it up & convincing myself to climb out of the window onto it. Certainly wouldn't be able to convince the wife or dog...
    Yes, that is reality, so you wouldn't leave the family then...hope you never have to face anything like it. Have a Good Christmas. Hope you take positive vibes from the info. Stay safe; stay protected as a family.
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    Perfect to keep in your backpack for when your neighbour’s husband comes home early from his ‘business trip’.
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    Anything can start a fire in a house.......from this mornings paper

    Dog 'started fire' after accidentally turning hairdryer on in Christmas Eve blaze in Essex. Firefighters believed that the fire was caused by a dog who jumped on a bed and turned a hairdryer on.By ASTHA SAXENA
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    I concur with the comments above about getting one with standoffs on each of the rungs to hold them away from the wall if you buy one, because your feet will push the rungs against the wall, so you'd only be able to get the tips of your toes on the rung without them.

    You should also test the hook on your window to make sure you can hook it on securely enough on your particular window cill/frame. eg see video below.

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    of course you would...........3 am winter night, lights wiring burnt (so pitch black) as that was where fire started, smoke ingress, 3 floors up, infirm, panicking, never used a ladder...got to climb over the window cill... muscles shaking with fear... no problem at all, eh!...........fit a fire Smoke/Heat detector basic system as needed..now...Good Luck, Hope This Helps....
    I get your point, but the risk is better than certain death or you can take your chances that the fire brigade will get there in time. I would prefer one that steps away from the wall as stated above, however I would try and use this if it's all I had.

    I'm also certain, although worried, I would not be infirm nor shaking with fear or panicking. It's better than death
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    Looks like a T-shirt out of mad max
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    House fires start by careless and foolish individuals. I won't need this, thank you. (edited)
    Not always you are being a bit ignorant my friend. You may reduce the possibility, but not 100%
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    Apparently you can only use these once, is that true?
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    You are aware that minimum dimensions for windows under B/Regs apply when they are used to aide escape..Similar apply to doors accessing protected shafts/routes(must be self closing SC) to aid MOE in case of fire and protect smoke ingress into the shaft. Guess what? People wedge the doors open regularly with Fire extinguishers 'cause they get fed up opening them after SC. Know as the 'British standard Door Wedge'. It is an offence to provide windows that do not comply too- but it usually takes deaths to highlight it..too late then.
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    Modern day rapunzal
    "Rapunzel" is a German fairy tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm and first published in 1812 as part of Children's and Household Tales (KHM 12). The Brothers Grimm's story developed from the French literary fairy tale of Persinette by Charlotte-Rose de Caumont de La Force (1698)..allow me to assist...
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    Enjoyed reading the comments of Keith Laird in this thread. I’m guessing most of his posted deals are doggy treats and Vaseline. 👩🏻‍🚒🐶
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    I didn’t even know such a thing existed. Heat added for updating my knowledge
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    I sort of feel like trying to use this would be more dangerous than waiting on help.
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    Good smoke alarms (not all are good) and a large fire extinguisher on second floor close to your bedroom and you should be fine.