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Firefly Encyclopedia (Hardcover) by Monica Valentinelli £5 + £2 p&p delivered @ Forbidden Planet

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The Firefly Encyclopedia is a lavish guide to Joss Whedon’s much-loved creation.

The book includes a detailed timeline of events, in-depth character studies from Badger to Zoe, a guide to the science of the show, and sections of script with accompanying notes from the author.

Alongside all of this are countless images of the characters, ships, weapons, props and sets. This is a must-have item for all fans of the ‘Verse.
Forbidden Planet.Com More details at Forbidden Planet.Com
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    Lovely film but still cannot understand how the Reavers were even able to operate.
    They were crazy, angry, psychologically inhuman.. and they will managed to operate the universe’s most scary and effective space force.
    Apart from that..it’s still a film that I will watch when it’s on tv.
    First time I watched it, was horrifying. Lol
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    Great primer for season 2
    Right in the feelz
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    You wouldn't think using Joss Whedon's name would be much of a selling point these days.
    I didn't see him in it?

    Hate the person, not the stuff that he was a small part of (said the guy who still listens to MJ)
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    This the Outlaw Star ripoff?
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    Got this for £5.99 delivered from Forbidden Planet last year.

    It's a well done book and great for a fan of the show.
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