Fireheart Desktop Gadget
Fireheart Desktop Gadget

Fireheart Desktop Gadget

Super desktop gadget with lots of features tucked away in it. Double click to link to a web page, file or folder of your choice. Great for quickly switching display in the office.
Found this while looking at Laconic Softwares page about todays Giveaway of the day offer.
This is not a time limited offer.


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I only posted this to prove a point. This is an excellent offer and yet the idiots vote it cold regardless. The world is full of morons and regetably they seem to have found this site.

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PS. I also posted this on MSE and it is getting a good reception.

Yea all right mate chill out a bit. It's just that your link is showing 404 error although on the right side there are links to the gadget and nice screensavers (although I always despise them purely due to not saving the screen and just pointless apart from visual effect).
Anyhoo, here's the 'working' link that doesn't show 404 error.

good find,:) gave heat

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good find,:) gave heat

Thanks matt1067. A little encouragement to a newbie goes a long way.
I don't spend a lot of time posting stuff so don't always get it right but as long as I know some appreciate the effort I shall keep trying.

Desktop gadget scans as malware/adware

thanks for posting.:)

Thankyou for the link matt1067... Sady mine also came up as it finding Malware and a virus but its not your fault. Great find. Looked lovely on my desktop and very girly. Would have kept it other than that little problem. Keep going matey
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