Fireworks @ Lidl from £4.99

Fireworks @ Lidl from £4.99

Found 17th Oct 2006
Lidl have some great deals on at the minute for fireworks, works out a lot cheaper than buying from an independant firework shop, & with bonfire night coming up, get in there now !!

Black Nebula Selection Pack - £14.99

* 26 pieces$file/06_2104_b.jpg

Blue Apollo Rockets - £9.99

* Pack of 5$file/06_2105_b.jpg

Hayleys Comet Cake - £9.99

* 25 shot$file/06_2671_b.jpg

Rainbow Storm - £6.99

* 90 shot$file/06_2674_b.jpg

Gold Medal Rockets - £4.99

* Pack of 4$file/06_2115_b.jpg

Purple Moon Selection Pack - £4.99

* 18 pieces$file/06_2107_b.jpg

Cosmos Cake - £4.99

* 30 shot$file/06_2103_b.jpg

Remember, have fun, but STAY SAFE !!


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Just bumping up for the weekend

Does anyone know how they can do these fireworks for this cheap. Ive seen similar standard ones that can be like £55 for just one firework. I am a bit scared of them blowing my face off tbh :oops:. However these prices are amazing. You could afford to set fireworks off for the whole night at this price. Even if they dont last as long / dont get as high / arent as bright, They still seem a bargain. Anyone tried any of these puppies before?

Don't worry, I bought some of these last year from Lidl. I can honestly say they were some of the best fireworks I've ever purchased.

I was straight around Lidl this year as soon as they were in stock to get some more.
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