first direct £150 switch bonus new special link up

first direct £150 switch bonus new special link up

Found 28th Oct 2015
Money supermarket special with first direct bank switch current account and get £150 bonus just pay in £1000 within the first 3 direct debits required and no fees for 6 months ...after 6 months just pay in £1000 a month to avoid fees...check t&c best customer rating
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excellent bank, switched two years ago, love em
Switched recently to them and can't fault them.
It says £125 on their website.....?? it's probably me getting it wrong

It says £125 on their website.....?? it's probably me getting it wrong…unt?
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If you go through MoneySupermarket link it will offer you £150 for switch and the offer is ending on Sunday.
When do you get the money?
I had my money within 6 weeks of switching.
From First Direct's website 'terms' pdf (as at 29/10/15)

1st Account
   >> A £10 monthly banking fee applies for each month (or part of a month) you hold a 1st Account, but this isn't charged:

      > if at least £1,000 is paid into your account each month (Internal Transfers from other First Direct accounts don't count);

      > in any calendar month when your average account balance (your total 'end of day' balances, divided by the number of days in the month) is more than £1,000. This does not include the balance on any other 1st Account you hold with us;

> if you hold a First Direct mortgage,  credit card,  personal loan, savings account (not including our Regular Saver Account),  First Directory or First Direct car or home  insurance policy;

> for any additional 1st Account in the same name. If you hold a 1st Account in your sole name and another one jointly with someone else, these accounts are not in the same name.  If you
have joint accounts with different people, these accounts are not in the same name; or

> if there are no transactions on your 1st Account for more than 90 days and the balance is less than £10.

>>You will not have to pay the banking fee for the first 6 months after opening a 1st Account.
My £50 TCB for the Co-op Bank Account I opened in June has just reached "Confirmed", is it safe to transfer that account to cash in on this offer?

Also, does anyone have any experience claiming the £100 for leaving First Direct? Is it as straight forward as ringing up after 6 months and saying "this account's naff, I'm off"?
Quick Question - I am thinking of moving my LLoyds Bank Current Account to First Direct. Will my Lloyds Bank joint account be affected by this move? Will I still be able to access my LLoyds joint account online? Thanks.
Re. "Will I still be able to use my (pre-existing) Lloyds joint account online?

Reading the First Direct T's and C's, this is what is showing on the First Direct website: "Please note: As part of the Current Account Switch Service your old account will close on the day that you choose to switch."
The link still shows £125 but on the Money Saving Expert site it says it could be down to your browser. It also looks like you have to pay the fee after 6 months, which I didn't think you had to pay at all if you met the conditions:

'Banking with first direct usually costs £10 a month, but you will not be charged this fee for the first six months from account opening, when you pay in at least £1,000 to your 1st Account each month, or maintain an average monthly 1st Account balance of £1,000, or you hold a selected first direct additional product. Take a look at our Account Terms and Conditions for more details of other additional products.'
For the 150 try the Chrome Browser - it didn't work with Safari or Edge.
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