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Free Nest Thermostat Gen 3 & Free Installation With Selected First Utility Plan
Found 20th FebFound 20th Feb
Now it's even easier for you to manage your energy.When you switch to an eligible First Utility plan you can get the Nest Learning Thermostat™, plus installation, for free . The … Read more

gone for this as the quote stated my payments will be same as i was paying EON


I'd like to know this as well. Anyone tried?


They won’t accept me because of my meter. I’m currently with British Gas and I have the new smartness meters.


Yes, I've been mulling over the idea for a while. Only reason I haven't is I've got dual zone heating and need 2 thermostats. The plan itself is far more expensive than the one I'm on elsewhere.


Get the install done, cancel the plan - £100 plus a little moving hassle (cheeky)

Electricity Switch to First Utlity - Santander Customers Only* potential £92 cashback
Found 13th Aug 2017Found 13th Aug 2017
Hey folks, appreciate this is not a super cash saving deal, but with the energy prices appeared to have shot up this year, I thought this deal would help some who have an energy sw… Read more

I have a 123 account, but my Offers section is, as usual, empty. It seems they base offers on what you use your card to spend on. And I never buy anything, using 123 solely as a savings account and DD payer.


Contrary to the above, I was with FU for a year, no issues joining or leaving and no customer service problems, but they just couldn't come close on price at the end of the last year so I've moved.


First Utility is the worst company ever. Had dispute with them for over a year! Horrible customer service!


Be careful, First Utility allow you to make significant changes to your account just by an e-mail being opened. This was confirmed by a member of staff when I queried why I have been on a contract for the last 4 years with them when I can only remember signing up for them in 2013! My view was that it was too low a threshold to sign someone up for something that made such a big impact on someone financially and that errors could occur. e.g. child opening e-mail, phantom presses when in pocket etc. I was refunded the £750 that the worse tariff had cost me but I feel that this is a practice that should be investigated further perhaps by Martin Lewis or the like as they insisted that OFGEM had signed off on this being an ethical way of signing customers up to energy contracts!

Unlimited fibre broadband with phone line £29.99pm (18 month minimum subscription) £539.82 @ First Utility
Found 19th May 2017Found 19th May 2017
Seems like a decent deal to me for 76mb with phone line and no setup fees or cost of router This is with First Utility, - taras
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I have my gas/elec with these lot, good kwh prices, past four years. i'd go ahead with this deal but they dont seem to have anytimes mins to mobiles


and their security.... Yeah people get hacked. But they had weak security


I get 45mb with talktalk fibre. 24pm. Only thing that's **** is their routers.


lol talk talk you could not pay me to use them


​oh dear. even talk talk fibre is slow so thanks for info

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First Fixed April 2019 v6 Plus with Free Cosy smart thermostat @ First Utility
Found 1st Apr 2017Found 1st Apr 2017
Hi, depending on what type of tariff you are on this may be a good choice lasts for 25 months fixed direct debit and also with a free cosy thermostat which a professional will inst… Read more
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Just found out that Uswitch gave it the runner-up for customer service of the year adward.


Oh I hope it all goes well for you and I just seen though Uswitch gave First-Utility second best cs of the year.


Just moved to the Coop. Was 3rd cheapest for me, but didn't recognise the top two. Fingers crossed as their cs isn't top notch either.


What's everyone on at the moment then with these different providers tariffs ? Just wondering.


I'm trying to get away from these Bar Stewards, I made the switch on 3rd Jan and the electricity went fine, but these.keep putting the kibosh on the gas switch. Twice it has failed. I keep having to settle up again with these jokers when a new switch reading is taken.

Free (or £100) Cosy home thermostat kit when switch energy tariff @ First Utility
Found 15th Oct 2016Found 15th Oct 2016
Sign up for First Fixed November 2018 tariff gas and electric and get a Free Cosy home thermostat kit worth £179 plus Free professional installation typically worth £99 https:/… Read more
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similar situation, my tariff ends in 2 weeks. Need to see how much i will be paying on top of current plan


has anyone else received a email regarding my the warm home scheme £140 . last year I received the email on September but it says currently closed :/


£91.80 cashback:


The £100 are exit fees! Leave as soon as it's installed.


no your signing up for the fixed November 2018 tarrif so there would be exit fees if you left before Nov 2018. the tarrif has a higher charge per unit, so your effectively paying for it through your energy use.

Switch Energy Save and Get Free Rugby League Replica Top @ First Utility
Found 5th May 2016Found 5th May 2016
If you switch to First Utility through the link you are able to get a free replica shirt for the club you support. Save 35 on the cost of most clubs shirts. Also you save money by… Read more

​If no other supplier is more than £35 cheaper, and you really want to pretend to be a rugby player, then it's a good deal.


They are rate extremly high for customer service which counts for a lot. They have always been near the top when I have changed energy company.


Typical. Just because it isn't as popular it gets a cold rating


Unlikely to be a saving unless they're the cheapest deal, and I've never seen them near the top of the tables. Better to switch via MSE to the cheapest deal and use the cashback/savings to buy the top.


If this was for a football shirt it would have probably gone really hot!!! NRL & Super league rugby best sport entertainment.

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Get £120 in gift vouchers OR Free Cosy home thermostat kit worth £179 @ First utility Fixed tariffs
Found 1st Mar 2016Found 1st Mar 2016
Get £120 in gift vouchers If you switch to our First Fixed March 2018 + Reward tariff, you'll get receive £120 in gift vouchers to spend at Amazon, Starbucks, House of Fraser and o… Read more
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That's not true They charge the exit fees now Needs to be the long term fix


I spoke to them today and asked about changing tariffs without paying a fee. You can but it must last for longer than the current tarrif your on ie on April 17 You can change to May 17 with no fees.


I signed up for similar deal last year switched to the deal with free cosy thing installed. I then paid exit fee of i think £30 and switched it back to their lowest tariff. Also you can only control your central heating with the cosy app hot water is not possible.


Energy prices falling... yet fixed tarrifs up... on all ;)


I agree, you are just paying it forward not a deal at all. Obviously design to attract the gullible.

FREE upto 17Mb broadband, exclusive to First Utility energy customers
Found 5th Nov 2015Found 5th Nov 2015
Just received this email from First Utilities As a loyal energy customer we wanted you to be the first to know that we’ve now launched First Utility Broadband available exclusivel… Read more


Moved to FU from BG, been with them for 3 years and can honestly say I've not had any issues. Always been cheaper but I never have had to contact customer services asbI do it all online so cant comment on support. I am happy with them.


been with firstutility for 6 months now.brilliant.phoned the customer service line once had to wait mabe 10/15 mins that's all and the rest of the comms i did over email which there fast on. saved me £240 a year over british gas dual fuel ect and got the energy saving club payment of £30 through switching through them plus intoduced a mate to first utility and got £30 paypal gift code and so did my mate. my monthly DD is £50 so no longer the £120+ winter bills no more. if first utility beats sky unlimited 17MB broadband and sky talk extra inc line rental for £25.40 a month inc caller display then i might be tempted.


MSE posts show a different story with few having direct debits taken before service starts


Its high time all of the broadband providers stopped ripping people off with the £16/18 a month landline charges when they know full well a very high percentage pf people no longer use a landline. Virginmedia offer Broadband only but what you pay isn't much cheaper than being forced into paying for a landline that you have no use for. As far as I can see this is restrictive practice which I thought was illegal but I suppose all of the overpaid Oftel executives are far too busy to investigate this practice.

Free or (£60) Cosy smart thermostat when you change your energy tariff to iControl Fixed May 2018 tariff @ first-utility
Found 15th May 2015Found 15th May 2015
Sign up for iControl Fixed May 2018 tariff gas and electric which is a long term tariff and take control of your energy spend with a FREE Cosy - the smart thermostat. Free Cosy ho… Read more
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poor mans nest?


...sorry _ meant to say with nPower


Why would you when you can get a free (inc. Tariff) Nest with proper long term support, and a trusted brand with its own eco-system


No you pay £60 for the privilege to get the smart thermostat meter for £60... Which is cheap. Forget about the tariff or exit fees. It's £60 for the product, end of!!


Yeah and pay £60 for the privilege if your duel fuel an btw a pricey tariff to boot. (low early exit fee ha ha) 'Low early exit fee If you want to change to a different tariff or energy supplier before the tariff end date you will need to pay an exit fee of £30 for electricity and £30 for gas because you have chosen to fix your prices until this set date.'

Free LightwaveRF Connect Energy Monitor worth £126.95 with @First Utility
Found 4th May 2013Found 4th May 2013
Well I was looking for new company for my gas and electric and First Utility was the cheapest and then my friend gave me this link which gives LightwaveRF Connect Energy Monitor* w… Read more

Had a look at then a while back, but could not find any unit costs on the website. So filled in a contact form on the website asking for prices. 2 weeks later I got a generic response, suggesting that I call them instead. Can't imagine how they treat their customers,


Checking on Ebay, they seem to be around £30 which is pretty much the same price as all those systems that clip around the inbound mains supply cable. I don't think any system that relies on you looking at a mobile phone is any use whatsoever, you're quickly get bored running up the app, and presumably this uses your data allowance. Personally I'd think it would be more sensible to get a free standing unit, where you can see the amount of energy in use all the time. I had one placed in the kitchen and I reckon it saved me at least 10% because you really got to notice those devices that used the most. One thing worth noting, if you have solar panels these units are all next to useless, they measure current, but can't differentiate between in or out, so during the day, when you're potentially exporting energy, the reading is completely useless as it's the difference between how much the panels are generating and how much you're using. I used to get anomalies, like me kettle would be running and the meter would show 0.01kWh, turn it off, and I'd get 2kWh shown on the meter. mike


Afaik the lwrf monitor doesn't cost anywhere near that anyway!


First Utility! Arghhhhhhhhhh. Avoid like the plague. Absolute useless CS. Plus whilst you wait 18 months for a smart meter to be installed you are paying a higher daily standing charge for a smart meter you don't have!


First Utility review HERE