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A UK bank which specialises in telephone and online banking, First Direct offers a range of financial services to their customers, including mortgages, credit cards, loans, and savings. Consumers can find out about the bank’s best offers as soon as they are announced by checking the HotUKDeals First Direct page. Read more

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Free gift when you switch your current account @ First Direct
Found 30th MayFound 30th May
Free gift. Choose either: Amazon Echo Bose headphones Fitbit watch Polaroid camera Expedia voucher
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Call them and all questions or issues are sorted there and then, no we will call back etc. Been wit FD 20 years I think, never had an issue that wasn’t sorted with one call to them. I paid a cheque at the post office in London for £30.00 it was a gift. After 7 working day it had not arrived. contaceded the post office who wanted nothing to do with the matter. Called FD who looked into it for me even though it’s the post offices fault. They advised me to wait another 5 working days. Still did not arrive. At that point they said they were sorry about what had gone on and as a good will gesture they gave me the £30.00. A week later my cheque turned up at a bank in Scotland and was paid in. Called FD to see what to do, they said all was ok and keep the £30.00 they gave me. What other bank is that good.


I sent them an email four weeks ago asking about this new promotion. I've been with my current bank for many years and now looking to change, but they didn't even bother to reply. If you offer up an email address, the least you can do is reply to messages received. Poor service in my opinion. How they get excellent reviews I don't know.


(Previous) cash or gifts aside, you will be very unlikely to find a better bank. In some 15 years, I’ve been put on hold 3-4 times when phoning them and then only for literally a few seconds. I phoned a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t even ring before it was answered by their UK call centre. They also routinely top MSE’s poll for bank customer service. Credit where it’s due. (y) 🏻


I voted cold as the gifts are of no interest to me, and IMO not great products to try and entice new customers. I was about to open an account with First Direct until they changed from cash incentive to these “gifs” but now considering an alt. bank as don’t want any of these items (some I already have). Personally not a “deal” to me as a result. Hope FD bring back the cash incentive or something else of more interest but doubt this will happen to suit my timescales. Looking to switch banks in June.


Why is this going cold? I voted hot!

First Direct 5-year fixed mortgage, 1.84%, £490 fee, 60% LTV
Found 25th MayFound 25th May
Anyone looking to fix their mortgage rate should check out this deal from First Direct: Five-year fix at 1.84% £490 fee Available up to 60% loan-to-value (LTV), so you need 40… Read more
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Damn, just went to go for the 5yr 75% LTV deal and it seems FD havshiked their rates. Gutted :-(


They are a strict lender like hsbc and being an existing customer means nothing to them in terms of lending. They will scrutinise your bank statements ins and outs with a fine tooth comb and like clean credit history.


Only 0.05% extra for 75% LTV. Anyone have any experience of applying with first direct as an existing banking customer?


i have the opposite 60% equity in my property.


I’ve just got a mortgage for 2.45% fixed for 5 year with 90%.

First Direct unveils current account switching offer with choice of free gift
Found 24th AprFound 24th Apr
New current account customers will be offered a choice from the following selection of welcome gifts: Over 300 online self-development courses from Blue Mountain Training Solut… Read more

Got my other email, ordered the wireless headphones.


Same here. I’ve registered but had no response yet.


I recieved my email


I rang them. They told me up to 28 days from my switch date.


Has anyone received their email for the free gift?

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ACT NOW: First Direct Bank Switch Incentive
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
First Direct to scrap its current account switching £100 incentive on 22nd April Not many providers will be left that offer cash incentives for switching M&S Bank and Halif… Read more

Came here expecting a free Nintendo console. My tears are on your hands OP.


Should I switch or should I not? :)


Don’t worry, as long as there’s banks around there’ll be always some ‘sweets’ to get your business...


They also give you £100 if you wanna leave


£125 if you go through MSE

3% APR Loan with First Direct
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Thought this was a good deal for those needing a loan. 3%APR for loans between £15050 to £30000 for 1st Account holders.

I hadn't even heard of Zopa before, it looks good. I would also vote my own deal cold based on this! Haha


I recently used Zopa, very impressed with the rate and service provided by Zopa.


I got a loan the other day (new windows) and MSE showed that Zopa of all places was the cheapest. I got a 7500 loan for 2.8% (seems 51% of customers get this). I haven't had a loan in about 10 years and remember last time the process was long and protracted. well i was lying in bed on my tablet and it took me 45 sec to fill the form in and to get confirmation back of approval and the money within 3 days. it was scary easy and seems clear why young folk get themselves into so much debt. anyway cold from me as there are cheaper out there, sorry


Unfortunately not for all customers, check the small print. Recently applied having been a customer for 23 years with an excellent credit history. I was declined this rate and offered 5.9%. I went with Tesco who did offer me 3% !!

10 Year Fixed Rate Mortgage 2.49% - No Fees - 60% LTV (Loan to Value) @ First Direct
Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
Have been looking at mortgages and looks like a lot of the 5 year fixed deals have been hiked in rate. The 10 year fix for First Direct is still 2.49% which looks a very competiti… Read more
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Will Banks drop their rate or keep it the same? UK base rate remains at 0.5%


That is absolutely brilliant. We really struggled last year between a 5yr fixed 2.69% deal and a 10yr fixed at a higher rate as we were first time buyers with only 15% deposit (plus stamp duty, fees etc). We're overpaying £20K this year alone. The gamble was that in 5yrs time despite rates likely to be much higher we will have much more equity so could remortgage at the better rates (ie 60% LTV). I will have to try the spreadsheet idea (we already did this to calculate our overpayments) and see how much that saves us vs the 10yr fixed. To be honest I think the higher interest charges at 10yr fixed would have made it impossible to save enough to overpay the way we have and clear our mortgage in the 10yrs we have planned. I'd like to think we did better fixing for 5yrs and overpaying that difference to bring up the LTV and getting a 'good' rate for a final 5yr fix so we can clear the lot in 10yrs. I can't wait to find out. Thank you for your logic and inspiring me to look.


@ Sebastian_D I've just ended up getting accepted on a 5 year fixed deal (cheeky) at 1.84% which i'm very happy with. Decided to break from the 2 year deals as it's 3 lots of fees in the same period plus the chance of a rate rise so 5 years it is this time round and it's costing me exactly the same as i'm paying now on my current 2 year deal so couldn't resist.


Thanks for the response - I have literally never heard of this and in fact paid 6k when the market crashed to get out of an expensive mortgage, why did no one tell me to repay but not close! I’m telling everyone!


No, you're only tied in for 10 years so you could pay the balance at 10 years plus one day without penalty. To be honest, I think if you call them and ask to set the mortgage term to 10 years they would you let you. I just don't think the online search likes it if you put 10 years in as the term of the mortgage.

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£125 back on First Direct also free £250 overdraft buffer at 0% apr. Voted best bank on MSE again. Regular saver 5% upto £300 a month. One of the highest in the country
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
£125 to say hello and excellent customer service Also regular saver upto £300 a month netting £97 in interest 1st Account Join Britain's most recommended major bank* Britain's mo… Read more

Ordered, Thanks.


Just to be clear, if I were to open this account and stick a couple of grand in it, would that be all I’d need to do to qualify for the £125? Or would I need a continuous payment going in, and or direct debits set up? Edit Ahh, So I’d need to keep £1000+ in the account to avoid the £10 monthly fee. Are there any current accounts which are free and have a cash incentive to open one, not needing dds and monthly income? Wishful thinking?


Yep looks "only 100" now…


Does this require direct debits and/or a certain amount in the account to be switched over? TIA.


Expired now 100

First Direct 10-year fixed mortgage 2.49%, no fee, up to 60% LTV
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
If you’ve got at least 40% deposit or equity and are keen to fix your mortgage rate for 10 years, First Direct has the following deal: 10-year fix at 2.49% Available up to 60%… Read more
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Hsbc are also offering 2.49 % for 10 year fix and no fees


Oooh - unlimited overpayments. That may seal it for me - will give them a bell.


yes, the bail out was because the repackaged debts were backed by sub-prime mortgages but were sold deceptively under A+ credit ratings to other bansk and institutions. Insurers could cope with all the defaulting loans up to a limit, that's when the ultimate rescuer i.e. the tax payer enters the picture to bail out. Banks and whoever matters in financial markets knew what was happening and what was coming but the whistle blowers are more than often labelled as 'project fear' or conspiracy theorists. Unfortunately, financial system is too complex to understand for majority and when this majority doesnt understand it, they think probably no one does.


Rolling the fee into the monthly payments means you pay interest on it so it will cost you more overall. However it may suit some people who don't have the cash up front.


There may be a difference in rates between those the banks offer direct and through broker/intermediary channels. I'd always advise going to a broker but mortgage comparison sites are definitely worth a look to see what's out there. Also the rate/fee combo makes it tricky to declare a best buy or hot deal - if you have a big mortgage the rate is more important and the fee less so, if your mortgage is smaller the fee may play a bigger part. The key is doing the sums based on your individual figures/mortgage amount. Hope this helps.

First Direct Regular Saver - save £300 @ month for 12 months and earn £97 interest
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
Regular savings account for existing customers, headline of 5% a bit misleading due to payment structure. After 12 months of saving maximum £300 a month, £97 of interest added to … Read more
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For those who can’t understand a regular saver, even hsbc publish the interest you will receive.. so it’s not misleading if you save £300 a month on the 1st day of each month (basic assumption a month is one twelve, ignore days for simplicity) use calculation sum invested x interest rate x term 1st Jan you would receive Full 5% Interest on your £300 (£300x0.05%x 12/12 = £15 1st Feb 11/12 5% (£300x0.05% x 11/12 = £13.75 1st Mar 10/12 5% (£300x0.05% x 10/12 = £12.50 ... .. 1st Nov 2/12 5% (£300x0.05% x 2/12 = £2.50 and finally 1st Dec payment (£300x0.05% x 1/12 = £1.25


Ahhhhh, yes! Sorry (highfive)


My original post was referring to the 10 pound monthly fee and how to avoid it....


I have just checked their website, sadly it says the regular saving account is open to current account costumers only. It’s a shame !


No it's not. Banks pay a percentage rate per year, and they pay it every year. You will get that rate for the year if you give them money for a year. Anyone who thinks you can open an account today, put £3600 in 364 days time and expects 5% of that to be £97 is thick, not misled.

Back up to £125 to join First Direct as so many don't seem to like HSBC. Also £300 for regular saver @ 5% and fee free overdraft upto £250
Found 31st Dec 2017Found 31st Dec 2017
1st AccountJoin Britain's most recommended major bank* Britain's most recommended major bank? You're all too kind. We're blushing... But we do try hard to make banking something w… Read more

I've tried the form twice and it comes up error. Has anyone else had these problems?


The NatWest app was my first and ever since, all the other banking apps seemed utter clunky rubbish that make you jump through 10 hoops to even get to see your balance.


Make sure to disable adblock/uBlock to track the extra £25! I just switched but haven't received any confirmation emails so hope it has gone through... Barclays have been ****** me off, plus I wanted Android Pay.


How hard is it nowadays to switch banks? I have been with Clydesdale for decades. Never done me any favours so this looks like a good deal to jump ship.


I just applied for account and for switch, but my switch date is 30/01/2018... I thought switching process takes 7 days, not 4 weeks :( Very unhappy with this

First Direct, 10-year fixed mortgage, 2.69%, no fee
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Hey… another 10-year fixed rate mortgage for people who want to lock-in a rate for a decade to consider: First Direct is offering: 10-year fix at 2.69% No fee Max LTV 75% … Read more
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Nothing to do with credit score, couldn't get any higher, nothing about affordability, never missed a DD in the years of having a mortgage and no other credit etc plus this was a remortgage. There doesn't have to be a reason given you are quite correct, and FD will have their own additional criteria however sometimes it feels illogical


I don't worry about your credit score. I just tried to find a reason, because sometimes people create quickly opinion without finding true. Maybe LTV was an issue. I had £190,000 loan on £400,000 property and maybe it is why i didn't have an issue, but anyway it is good that everything had a good end with your mortgage, even if it is not first direct.


I tend to agree, but many analysts don't. There are predictions of multiple rate increases in 2018 alone, rising up to 1.25%. However, in the wake of Brexit, I see the undeniable uncertainty to stall the economy for at least 10 years.


Nope, not me. Depends how well you think the economy will do in that period. Base rates will need to go up 6 times before you would gain, and I think we'll be waiting a long time for that to happen.


Firstly, I bank with First direct, they are indeed a fantastic current and savings account banking may I add. Secondly, my credit score is fine, you've no need to worry. 400k mortgage application never actually declined with first direct, but the continual, 'can you get more deposit' and do this, do that, 3 weeks later I gave up. Had mortgage with Halifax 3 days later. FD are notoriously and ridiculously picky with their mortgages.

10% back on Nike store with First Direct Visa Offers
Found 18th Dec 2017Found 18th Dec 2017
Seems the 25% off at the nike store sale items has ended but Visa offers are now doing 10% cash back on all nike store purchases. Runs from today until the 31st so if the sale cod… Read more

Good question well presented to which I don’t know the answer to


Hi, does the purchase has to go through that website? meaning does the money get refunded like American express if you just use card as normal, as wondering if you can use topcashback and redeem this offer too? thanks


This has been on an off for the last few months.

First direct switching cash £125 + 5% Regular saver (£300/month saving earn £97.50 interest)
Found 11th Nov 2017Found 11th Nov 2017
Switch to first direct using money saving expert link and get £125 for switching * need to pay 1000 within three months to receive the incentive, keep the money for a day and take… Read more

It doesn't matter which link I use I always see just £100, not £125. I guess the deal is expired?


I applied online a week or so ago and haven't heard a thing. No email, text or mail. Will give them a ring


What do you mean? They started sending loads of documents to sign and return. Better to give a call to customer care.


Applied for first direct a week ago, not heard anything. Anyone heard?


Satander123 It pays 1%, 2%, 3% cashback on various bills, mortgage etc Plua 1.5% interest on balances upto £20,000 There is a charge of monthly £5 so overall your cashback and interest need to compensate that. £500 monthly payin + 2DD There is a very good analysis on moneysaving expert to maximise the return on the balances across various accounts. But if you are high saver then Satandar123 still beets all. Also check satander123 lite.. Hope this helps.

Lots of cashback rewards from various places with First Direct visa card e.g £5 reward for spending £40 on Esso fuel
Found 24th Oct 2017Found 24th Oct 2017
Use your First Direct Visa card at selected retail outlets to get substantial cashback. For example: £5 reward for spending £40 on Esso fuel £10 reward for a £40 shop at LIDL… Read more
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Ditto and yet another claim in. 4 offers over 2 cards and all claims.


Must be staggered for different areas as my LIDL offer is available to me. It expires in 4 days time...


I was wondering this too. but not sure, because the Lidl offer expired on the 20th.


I did the Esso one and had to chase them for the £5. Did get it in the end though.


I don't have lidl in the offer, why? I do have esso and h&m 10cb for 40£spent

Its back First Direct and HSBC £10 cash back off £40 spend at Lidl with Visa
Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
as title could also be on HSBC cards as well, make sure you register your card.

well i activated the lidl offer and spent £40.54 instore and i still havent received the £10 cashback, the website has no contact details, so i submitted a contact form, we'll see what happens


Didn't know they did cashback in Lidl - let us know if it works, should show up on the visa offers page before the cashback hits your bank account.


Tried it anyway, nothing to lose. £17+ spend, £25 cash back. ***** not many like the way I think. ;-) Thanks


I like the way you think 8) I'd be surprised if it works but you never know. Let us know how you get on.


Would this work if you only spend say £11 and asked for £30 cashback? Surely it would then show as a £41 spend? I'll try it later.

Found 6th Oct 2017Found 6th Oct 2017
First Direct & HSBC customers can get £5 off a minimum spend of £40 on fuel at Esso. You need to be registered with Visa Rewards first - see below: First Direct Rewards: fi… Read more
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I used the find a garage on the link from the esso deal, so even tho it was a tesco garage, it was listed so knew it was valid. My earlier post about email was a mistake, I used the online webform on the visaoffers help page. Sign in > click Help > Scroll down to the bottom and select Other > Scroll down to the bottom again and there's the Issues webform. good luck. ..and this... Please provide the following information found on your receipt when you contact us: Date of transactionRetailer nameAmount paidLast 4 digits of the HSBC Visa card used


I clicked on the link to esso in the online visa offers website & used their garage finder to see which local esso supplier was closest & open. Spent £45 on fuel & waited... & waited. It was only after a week & a half I looked back & saw its limited to 'participating garages', and there's a 'finder' on the visa offers esso webpage, doh ! I'm also wondering who & how posters above me emailed complaints about failed offer purchases as I can find no contact details on the visa offers website.


This says it expires tomorrow on mine. But I used the Costa deal last month in a costa franchise and it still gave me the cashback no problem


Be wary, I've had a 75% failure rate with these offers, some track, other don't. Oh and don't expect any help from HSBC on this, their customer services don't even have a clue about this promotion. I'm still waiting for the Boots £5 cashback via HSBC from 2 weeks ago. After several emails from utterly useless hsbc online customer services, I've escalated, but alas still no reply.


Still chasing them for a Lidl £10 - unreliable tracking system and hopeless to deal with.

First Direct free £125 if you switch back on plus free £250 overdraft if you need it! Mse exclusive
Found 4th Oct 2017Found 4th Oct 2017
Apply via our link and First Direct* offers £125 if you switch to it. It's one of our top picks due to its excellent customer service – it's won every bank service poll we've eve… Read more

You have to use the link in the description with * next to first direct. The normal 'go to' link takes you to their normal £100 link. Hope this helps.


The site seems to say £100 bonus instead of £125... is there something I am missing?


So i s First Direct separate from hsbc? Im a HSBC customer and just wondering if i could get this deal?


I have a joint bank account with my wife. We were going to switch to HSBC for their current offer but than found out my wife had a current account with them still as she forgot to close it years ago. Anyone no if we could switch to first direct and benefit from the switch offer?


I've been a First Direct customer for the last 7 years. The customer service used to be excellent however over the last 2 years the service is not anywhere near as good as it used to be (although probably no worse than it's closest competitors). Main change are the long queues rather than the content of the calls. I had a very bad experience when I went to recommend a friend, it was clear at that point that it's not the bank it once was. The 'new' app was the last straw for me. It really is terrible. I opened up a Nationwide account last year and have now decided to use this for my new account. Although, free money is free money. It's worth changing if you have a decent credit score and are not intending to have major financial reshuffles in the near future (new mortgage, new car etc). Though, I would only ever use FD as a second account.

£25 cashback on First Direct 17-month 0% purchase credit card
Found 4th Oct 2017Found 4th Oct 2017
Special offer for First Direct current account customers: £25 cashback when you spend at least £1,000 with a first direct Gold Card within the first six months of opening your… Read more
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Don't expect the card itself to be gold in colour. They changed it years ago to fit their brand. It's now black with gold lettering and numbers. Still looks smart until the numbers start wearing. I know that has nothing to do with the deal, but some peeps like to flourish their 'Gold' cards when paying for things.

First Direct Tailored deals with Visa Offers Boots H&M Esso Costa Lidl Dunelm Nike Store Ibis Holland and Barrett ETC
Found 31st Aug 2017Found 31st Aug 2017
Now FD customers can enjoy same benefits as Nationwide customers been enjoying since 2011. Sign up and you will get access to spending cashbacks from Visa. Current offers include b… Read more

Lidl don't sell gift cards of any kind


@Proj Visa's intention is probably so you can use any of your registered cards to get the offer once. If you want multiple dips, it seems you have to register each card separately under a separate email address.


I can see visa offers page clearly says offer available on all registered cards instead of just once per account. If later was the case then they would not let you register multiple cards with one account.


Can I buy some amazon or google play gift card from Lidl? Like other supermarket sell gift cards of other retailers


What are you purchasing?