Posted 22 September 2022

Switch To Fish Trial Pack £1.80 Delivered With Code @ Fish4dogs

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About this deal

USE CODE - sample10 for 10% off! 😏
Thanks to the user in comments - the mystery is solved

While this is a trial for food, I ordered it for my dogs as treats. I ordered puppy feed because it’s pretty much double the nutrients and vitamins, plus generally there’s more protein in puppy food than in grown dog food.
The trial is very conveniently packed in 6 separate smaller packs, which is great if you are using it as treats or as a food to take with you while you travel.
The bags are approximately 80 grams in each, and you get 6 of them in the box, so, 480 grams for £1.80 which is a great price for quality food or use as treats.
It costs £2 and free shipping in the U.K., however for unknown to me reason when I was checking out as guest paying by PayPal, it gave me 10% off, so I ended up only paying £1.80. It says 1 box per dog, however it lets you put multiple packs in your basket and check out. I ordered 2 in the same order and it came yesterday. My nursing dog was not impressed by it and didn’t eat any (but she was always extremely picky about the food or treats), my other dog loves pretty much ALL the food and treats (he has a Labrador’s appetite) and he loved them.
So, I will keep them as treats/ travel food, and will offer some to puppies when they are old enough. Anyway, since this food is a superior food to crap sold in supermarkets, I thought I’d try it at this price.

Order your £2 trial pack today and you'll have everything you need to make the Switch To Fish.

Our trial packs are available in three ages: Puppy, Adult and Senior and two kibble sizes: Small and Large.

Each contains enough samples of our complete food to not only give your dog the chance to find our how tasty it is, but to also transition your dog from its current food to Fish4Dogs - don't worry our handy feeding guidelines will explain how to do this.


As dog owners ourselves, we know how rewarding it is to see them happy and full of energy. But we also know the right food is about more than just an empty bowl and waggy tail.

Fish is the main ingredient in all our food, because it’s a tasty, easy to digest protein that naturally contains omega 3.

Omega 3 offers many benefits, including:
• Supporting healthy joints
• Eye & brain development
• Skin & coat condition

Fish is tasty and packed with essential minerals and vitamins help your dog live life to the full. Our recipes are grain-free, and free of dairy, chicken, beef, pork and lamb, so our food is suitable for dogs with those intolerances as well.

Fish4Dogs More details at Fish4Dogs
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  1. Avatar
    I think they may have fixed this as it would only let me check out with 1 trial pack
    if you add one, go to the basket and alter the number there
  2. Avatar
    How big are the packs in weight?
    Not big, a size of a bag of treats I’d say.
    Just realised I had scales near me, so weighed it. It’s 82 grams including the packaging (so, I imagine probably 80 grams net weight).
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    Thsnks ordered a pack for both my dogs one large one toy xxxx
    It does say 1 per dog, so feel free to go back and order the large or small (opposite to whatever you already ordered) since you know, you have 2 dogs. It doesn’t say 1 per human ordering, or 1 per household, but “1 box per dog”. Hence, you need 2. 😝
  4. Avatar
    Thanks for the info, it is easy to complete.
  5. Avatar
    3 packs ordered for £6 delivered. Great find
  6. Avatar
    Thank you ordered one for my dog to try and one to put in my furry nephews Christmas hamper 🐶
  7. Avatar
    Great find and great post with all the info you've given. I know my Labrador will LOVE these - she is a Labrador after all and lives up to her breed type. Have given her fish 4 dogs treats before but pretty expensive so this is a great find. Thank you from both me and my four legged boss!!
    Awww such a nice comment. Here’s a picture of “Tate” to brighten your day. 🥹
    Potato dog => Tayto => Tate
    This Baby Chunkus was born underweight and then due to the Sigma mindset, he chose Life (maybe I helped by feeding him colostrum paste with nutrients & vitamins in addition to him feeding from mum).

  8. Avatar
    Thanks OP. Just got 2 boxes delivered today and the dogs love them.
    Omg 🥹🥹🥹 cuteness overload you are welcome! What is the breed of your pups, looks familiar but I can’t put my finger on it. They are gorgeous
  9. Avatar
    Can people eat thiss ?
    I don’t see why not smells very fishy though, but if you’re into that kinda thing…
  10. Avatar
    Thanks ordered
  11. Avatar
    Thank you, ordered 3 packs & got 10% off with code sample10
  12. Avatar
    Thank you ordered. 
  13. Avatar
    Ordered 3 packs and the above code worked too thanks.
  14. Avatar
    Cheers OP
  15. Avatar
    Got a bit excited when nothing tried to stop me ordering multiple packs, so I've ended up buying 10 (various sizes and ages) for a total of just £18! Thanks OP 😁
  16. Avatar
    Great product definitely worth trying
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    mix this with my wagg
  18. Avatar


    Yes, I ordered 3 all together. First 1, and then I decided to order another 2 to see if it goes through even. It did. Strangely enough the parcel with 2 was delivered yesterday (by a courier who apologised for delivering it at such late time, 8ish PM I didn’t mind) despite me ordering the parcel with 1 pack 10 mins earlier. But went to check if it was gonna give me mysterious 10% off again through VPN, because I was posting this deal and wanted to make sure I am giving all the info) and it didn’t apply the mystery discount. Despite the 10% off, to me this is still a hot price to try it at 🔥😏👌 (edited)
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    my dog loves these the small ones are very small
    I know they are, which works out great for me since my dogs are small, and the pups are tiny. It will be another 7 weeks before the pups can even try it. But, yeah, the small size is quite small - exactly the size you’d expect for small dogs through.
    My boy is 3,2kg and my girl is 4-4,5kg.
    I bought quite a few different foods through the last 3 years and I’d say that these are standard size kibble pieces for small dogs.
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    Pity that the fat content is so high. We have to look for very low fat as our dog suffers from pancreatitis.
    Oh, that’s a shame. Poor baby.
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    While this might be a good price, and before recently I used to occasionally get butcher’s tripe tins (as they usually on raw food). My dogs seemed to love them too. However ever since my dog had puppies, I’ve done a lot of research on puppy food requirements, etc. and it puppies need a lot more vitamins while they are growing than adult dogs who need lower amounts of vitamins just for maintaining. Butchers adult dog tins and butcher’s puppy trays/tins are IDENTICAL IN VITAMIN AMOUNTS. Really disappointed with butcher’s therefore. I now have 5 tins of butcher’s “puppy” tins, and no dog eats it. Puppies don’t like it, and grown dogs don’t like the highly processed pieces of “meat”. It looks like if you poured hot liquid jelly into dry food, let it simmer for few minutes and then cooled it down - hence the weird processed pieces of meet and hence the jelly around.
    But don’t take my word for it - do your own research, and check the tins vitamin content on this food and butcher’s adult food. And check vitamins in better brands’ puppy food. On pets at home website you can look up all the back of the tins stuff.