Fisher-Price Digital Arts and Crafts Studio (USB) - £19.99 (was £39.99) @ Argos !

Fisher-Price Digital Arts and Crafts Studio (USB) - £19.99 (was £39.99) @ Argos !

Found 16th Jan 2008
Product Features:

Digital arts and crafts studio plugs into PC computers for hours of fun
85 built-in activities, 256 colors, 75 scene starters, and 300 stampers for creating art projects
Child- and computer-safe; password-protected controls block access to desktop and hard drive files
Includes CD-ROM software and USB cable
Recommended for ages 4 to 9 years old
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Really tempted to get one of these, but I'll have to fight JW off the computer all the time :lol:
Thanks for posting,. It's daughters birthday at the end of the month and this looks like just what she needs :thumbsup:
my little one will love this, just going onto site to reserve one, thanks very much for sharing it with us. :thumbsup:

edit... and instock in my nearest store.
Just reserved one at my local store - thanks very much - great post :-)
It's also £19.99 Delivered at Amazon too if it can't be found at Argos :…7HO
Having read some reviews on this, it appears that there are some compatibility problems with Dell, Acer & HP computers, and also older computers without direct x9..

A word of warning, the graphic design and motion graphics industry will crush your children's souls as it did mine. Let them play with a pair of scissors instead.
is it better than a natural canvas or a art/color book?
We bought this for our grandaughter and it crashes after so long every time, The pc has 512 mb ram and is 2 years old.
i got this and paid £40 for it and to be honest not that good but son does love it i have a hp and it wouldnt work on it but works on my other computer and its quite hard as kid has to press pen down to enter and my son finds it very hard just word of warning to everyone
I read all the warnings but went ahead anyway and we got it for our four-year-old for Xmas. Using it with a 18-month-old laptop on XP and never had any problems once up and running. But I did have one big problem that I will explain at the end.
She absolutely loves it. Maybe she just shares her dad's genius, but she "got it" straight away. She has complete control over, and is able to pinpoint exactly where she wants to put the pointer.
I was surprised by how good this was, and the depth of things it allows kids to do --with backgrounds, stampers etc --- keeps them interested. Nothing replaces the fun of "real" --- and the mess to be made with that --- but this is just another way of them getting to be creative and feel they are using the computer like the rest of the family.
BUT ONE WARNING: the install played absolute havoc with my startup apps, with things like AVG Anti-Virus being knocked right out of the picture. I had to use a tune-up application to restore many of my startup programs. Beware. I would make sure you can roll back to a working setup before installing this in case it goes badly wrong.
I have one of these, or rather my kids do, and I have to say I am quite impressed with it.....or I was impressed with it for about 24 hours, as on the second use, it broke, and I had to return it to ToysRUs for an exchange.
I couldnt get it running on my older Packard Bell laptop, despite it meeting or exceeding all the system requirements, the install wouldnt get beyond a certain point where it complained about not recognising the video hardware. It was running Vista, but I don't think it would have worked on XP either.
So, its on my brand new HP laptop, which Im not impressed about as I cant leave them unsupervised on it.
The kids however love it, and its actualy quite functional, and they can be very creative on it. The love the flood fill coloring in mode with the pre-made white pictures. I paid £39.99 for mine just before christmas, and I think £19 is a superb price for long as it lasts more than a day.
The fault on mine by the way was a stuck pen....the thing jammed on like it was permanantly pressed in.

..........Let them play with a pair of scissors instead.

that's modern modern parenting for you. Mine loves playing with scissors. I'm not allowed scissors until after I take my meds!! lol
absolute bargain at that price, bought one for my daughter for xmas at the full price.
Run it on a new dell vista pc and had no issues at all.
Drawing can be a little tricky because of the previously mentioned pressing down required. My daugther is 4 and doesnt have too many problems
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i have one of these, never been used as when i first purchased it my pc was i stored it away, after forgetting about it for a while i have tried to install it on my laptop which is windows 7 it says it will not install and need to download a update but when i press on it, it takes me to fisher price/ mattel page then freezes ....?????
i have keyboard but do not have CD so plz let me know how to install it is software.. plz send me the link. thanks
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