Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway Toy - £22.99 @ Amazon

Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway Toy - £22.99 @ Amazon

Found 5th Nov 2014
Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway Toy

Standing over three feet tall, this play set ramps up the zipping, zooming racing fun! Your little racer sends a vehicle down the ramp at the top, then waits for the surprise finish as the car comes out at the bottom in one of three spots. Will it speed out one of the two side exits or jump off the middle ramp? It’s different every time! The creative play is revved up even more with a realistic crane, stop sign, petrol pump and parking meter.

Key Features

Stands over 3 feet tall (92 cm)One point of entry on top with three exits on the bottom, one of which is a jumpFlip different switches to make cars change pathsThe kid-size vehicles fit perfectly in little handsComes with City Skyway play set, working crane, traffic signal, gas pump, parking meter, gate that opens and closes, and Koby and Tessa carsFor ages 1 ½ – 5 years

Take racing excitement to new heights!

As tall as your pre-schooler, the Fisher-Price Little People City Skyway is three feet of towering thrills, chills and spills as Koby and Tessa zip and zoom, around and around, all the way down from the top. Your little speedster will love starting the action at the top, then watching to see which way the car switches throughout the play set. If he sends a car down the middle ramp, it’ll jump right off the end!

Little hands and minds will have so much to do, sending Tessa and Koby cruising down the ramps in their cars, fuelling up at the gas pump, stopping at the parking meter, and more. Kids will be able to imagine what it’s like to drive a car and live in a busy city.

Placing the cars on the track or crane, flipping the switches to change exits on the Skyway, and opening and closing the gate are all fun ways to get hand and finger dexterity rolling. Plus, while little drivers are flipping switches and discovering different exits for their cars to come out meaning they also learning about cause and effect.

Box Contains

Little People City Skyway 
Working crane 
Traffic signal 
Petrol pump 
Parking meter 
Gate that opens and closes 
Koby and Tessa cars

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just bought this for my little lad for Christmas. Had it in my amazon wish list for a while and was priced £29.99 but just noticed it had dropped in price so bought it and thought I'd share.
iwas just going to post this seems a great deal
i just bought this afternoon ... can't wait to see it built at Christmas x
Now £22.88
Ordered this last night
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