Fisher Price My Baby doll - £19.50 instead of £65 - Littlewoods

Fisher Price My Baby doll - £19.50 instead of £65 - Littlewoods

Found 31st Dec 2009
This is a huge reduction - it has 5 positive reviews at Amazon, and selling there for £33.48

Product Description

She recognises her name, asks for her bottle, talks to you, plays peekaboo, giggles, holds her blanket and uses her own accessories

Choose a name and record it, your doll will recognise it and then remember and respond later!

Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included)

Do a search for the various Littlewoods codes


Great doll - I bought this for my granddaughter's birthday just before Christmas. She adores her and unlike other dolls which are played with for a short while, this one gives hours and hours of fun - puts her arms out for cuddle, put the bottle in her hand and she lifts it to her mouth.....great value at this price although before Christmas it was available on Amazon for a very short while at just under £15

I got this for my daughter from Amazon for about £19. It is very sweet, but it does take 4 AA batteries. These only last for 1 day of continuous play! She was on for Christmas day and then her batteries were flat!!!!. My daughter is 3, and it failed to recognise her naming the doll Rebecca, despite numerous attempts. This was very annoying. In the end it recognised me naming her 'Lucy' and so responds to me better than my daughter. She does love her though. The bottle is not very easily used by the doll, te blanket works well.
A good toy for £20, but to be honest it's a bit too clever for itself or a child, so really all a bit unnecessary and as popular in our house as Baby Annabell and the new £11 (from Argos) Mummy Make me better Chou Chou that my five yr old got for her Boxing Day birthday. With 4 daughters I wouldn't rate any of these dolls higher than any other, so I definately wouldn't pay £60 for this doll. And the batteries have already cost over £5 in a week!

I bought this for my daughter for xmas and only for the reason it was £19 at Amazon. If I had paid the full price I would be taking it back to the shop! Very bad value for money - the bottle doesn't stay in her hand - the magnets aren't strong enough. My daughter got fed up quickly and it is now back in the box and will be stored in the loft with the other useless toys.
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