Fisher Price Open Top Rainforest Cradle Swing £58.70 @ Tesco Instore

Fisher Price Open Top Rainforest Cradle Swing £58.70 @ Tesco Instore

Found 4th Oct 2009Made hot 5th Oct 2009
Reduced by £61.29 from £119.99. Massive saving on this. I looked at getting one for our son before he was born but couldn't justify paying so much for it. Gutted that it's now cheaper than some ordinary bouncers as he's too old for one but brilliant saving for someone else!

Not sure if it's all stores but this was in my local, Beaumont Leys, Leicester.


Saw it in Tesco Silverburn Glasgow today as well - assume it must be nationwide, but in store only.

Good price - hot.

EDIT - there was another product from the same range with a big saving as well, can't recall exactly but think it was the portable version of this.

One of the best things I bought for my son, he used it from birth til about 10 months & he loved it! I paid full price for this & it was worth every penny, so a complete bargain at this price.

have some heat this is an absolute bargain - i paid almost twice this amount when i bought one for my little girl and just like last post it definitely was worth every penny

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Is this it? so, its still … Is this it? so, its still £119 online.

Yes, that's the same one! I looked for it online but couldn't find it so obviously didn't look in the right place :oops:

im sure I saw a few of these at the Staines Homeplus store last week. They were upstairs near the aisles where they stack the flat pack furntiure. Can't remember what the price was though. might be worth a ring if it's local to anyone

I have one of these and it's on it's second outing for my second son now. He absolutely adores it.

As I speak he is sound asleep, and has been since 7am this morning with a quick wake at 11.45 for a bit of milk.

Love love LOVE this, and for that price it's fantastic, A must buy for any baby.

I love this rainforest rang and have several items from it. Afew weeks ago my 2 year old dd broke my swing for the baby so we went out and bought a new one, really wanted this one but couldnt justify 120 for it so bought the take along version instead. Really wish I hadnt now this fab!

what age would this be up to? it says from birth. My son's 4 months now


what age would this be up to? it says from birth. My son's 4 months now

9 / 10 months i think

maximum weight 9 kg

i got one for my daughter when i was preg think it was a little cheaper than this in argos but it was on offer, she hated it at first but shes 3 and half mths now and she loves it loads i think it will suit untill she starts trying to climb out of it as it has loads of speeds so good for older babys as well they well worth it at full price so this is a good deal hot from me

Good Price! I've just seen these on offer in my local so looks like it may be nationwide instore! The other bits from this range like the take along swing and rainforest bouncer were still full price though, Heat added!

Got my hands on one of these today for my now 'overdue' baby boy - Fantastic price! He is going to love it - I hope! ha ha

This was in Kingston Park Tesco's btw :-)

There were plenty in Swindon Tesco Octol Way last night, bought one. Thanks OP

Am gutted. None of my local stores have heard or stock of the item and just rang tesco and it's not even on their system.:x

Hi Guys,
Does anyone know if there are any more left in beuamont leys?
Many thanks in advance

update guys, just brought one from Tesco beaumont leys. There were about 13 left still on the shelf!!

I bought one of these from my local store yesterday for £29!
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