Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym £30 @ Amazon

Fisher-Price Rainforest Gym £30 @ Amazon


Great price. Real bargain

Had this for my baby who is now 2 he loved it so much £30 is deffo a bargain!

Cheers op ordered:D

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now it's reserved for only prime members

That's a bargain!! Bought ours 4yrs ago!!

Thank you for the heads up


Just purchased, thank you

Good deal used to be £60/£65 from Argos, we bought about 6 years ago, I actually saw a 2nd hand one on my local buy and sell for £30 so this is a bargain but there is a newer version so I guess which is why this has come down in price

my son loves this, managed to get a second hand one on eBay for a tenner, very annoying music, but he loves it

shame it's only for prime members now, good price

Bargain price. When i got this a a few years back for my son it was 100quid!

same price at tesco with free c+c…ers
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Awesome price. Had ours 3 years and used by both. Just sold it for £20 so well worth 30 new.

Price now up to £36
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