Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo £68.95 + free p&p

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo £68.95 + free p&p

Found 13th Jun 2008
Current best price avaiiable on the web (aside from ebay of course). These used to be £60 a while ago on Amazon but now most internet sites (incl. Amazon) sell this close to £80.

The Rainforest Jumperoo is a place full of wonderful sights and sounds, ideal for little explorers. There's tons of safe jumping to be had, which will activate music and lights, while the toys overhead spin around. There's a bobbing elephant, swinging monkey, spinning lizard and much more that baby will go wild for. Soft spring covers keep little fingers safe and a three-position height adjustment ensures a custom fit for your child.

* This is the best Jumperoo yet! The Rainforest Jumperoo provides loads more fun and activity for Baby, both up above and down below.
* 360 degree seat rotation means that baby can get to every one of the toys. Baby's jumping is rewarded with lights, sounds and music.
* New base design means that Rainforest Jumperoo is now more compact and takes up less floor space, and allows for more compact folding up for storing away.
* Comes with 2 leaves with hanging soft toys for up above stimulation. These leaves/toys can be interchanged between the slots at the top of the 3 legs, and can be pushed down so that they're close to baby to be able to play with.
* Adjustable height by means of 3 position straps.
* Seat pad is removable for cleaning.
* High back seat for additional support.

Use only for a child who is able to hold head up unassisted and is not able to climb out.
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jumperoo's are ace!!! (original version, same principle, different deco!) Saved my life when my 2 year old (was about 7 months when this came into its own, used it till he started walking at 9 1/2 months!! Yes, feel sorry 4 me!!!) got to that 'wanna do more, but can't' stage!!!!' burns off loads of energy!!!!! :thumbsup:
bought this for my boy when he was 17 weeks and so long as you sat and played he go the idea . By 20 weeks he started playing by himself very happily. At 23 weeks hes like blimmin zeebedee. Its fantastic item and is worth the high price tag.
MIne is only 7 weeks old but is looking tall for her age and kicks like a mule, so I suspect I will be getting this for her for Xmas to give mum some peace. This seems to be the best of the bunch in terms of bouncers becuase it is not restricted usage with a doorway.
This is a good price I paid £80 for this at xmas and have never ever seen it cheaper and boy did I shop around.
Oh yeah, just a thought, but I put one of them water thingys, you know the ones with the shapes floating in them? under connors jumperoo! He used to love bouncing on it!!! :-D
my little one (6 months) is in it now giving me enough time to get on the internet :-)

definitely recommended!
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