Fisher-Price Royal Potty Half Price £9.99 Usually £19.99 Bargain Extra Stores

Fisher-Price Royal Potty Half Price £9.99 Usually £19.99 Bargain Extra Stores

Found 30th Jan 2008
# The potty features two musical rewards, one for just sitting on the potty and one which activates after a successful potty 'experience'.

# The addition of a chart and set of reward stickers adds to the ability to make the training process more fun.

# Can be used on toilet seat (removable legs).

# Requires 3 x AA batteries (not supplied).

# For all ages.
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does it do a Royal Flush?
a fantastic product my little one loved it when potty training
this is HOT
because for *For all ages !
Only problem is, child soon learns that the music sounds when something passes the sensor, and puts their hand in. Could get messy...
I couldn't get my son to potty train, he wouldn't use a normal potty or toilet seat - he was potty trained in a few days with this- he absolutely loves it. I paid full price for this as it was well worth it. The tray underneath pulls out to empty, and you can take the legs off and use it on the toilet as a smaller seat too.
Reserved - only just - the local stores didnt have any stock - found one near my work (hopefully I wont look a pratt walking into work with one of these!!)Enough about me and more about the deal - Voted HOT HOT HOT!! if the comments from this forum are anything to go by then hopefully potty training will be a bit easier for my lil one!
Voted hot......this looks great - our son wont sit on a normal potty so this may do the trick
Reserved mine, babes aint even popped out yet, so im well prepared!
Must be a regional thing

All out of stock in the Birmingham Area

Bit like when the wii stock came back and birmingham had some but others did not
where are they in stock?
all seem to be sold out in n ireland:x
This really is worth getting even if you pay the full price for it in my opinion. Made potty training my little boy easy.:)
Its out of stock in Berkshire region :-(

does it do a Royal Flush?

No, but it does the royal wee
out of stock in hampshire and merseyside, what a shame!!!:x
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