Fisher-Price Smart Cycle £39.99 at Argos

Fisher-Price Smart Cycle £39.99 at Argos

Found 2nd Apr 2009
bargain if you ask me i paid over £70 for this at christmas.

* Fisher-Price SmartCycle - a revolution in indoor play.
* It's a stationary bike, a gaming system and a learning centre - all rolled into one!
* Plugged straight into your TV, as your child pedals, favourite character friends guide them through learning discoveries, games and even exciting races.
* Keep them active even when the sun's not shining and watch as they improve their bike riding skills (hand/eye coordination).
* Multiple levels of play for different ages and stages!
* Includes learning adventure game cartridge and extra long cable (TV not included), plus use the joystick for plenty of extra games and activities.
* SmartCycle comes with the learning journey software .
* The software works in three modes:
* In Explore/ Encounter, pedal through various environments, learning on the way.
* In Arcade Games take a pit stop into a game played with the joystick. The games reinforce important preschool concepts like letters, numbers, shapes & colours.
* In Race mode race with other cars or time race with a second player.
* Requires 4 x D batteries (not included).
* For ages 4 years and over.
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Or buy them a real bike so they can see the real world instead of sitting in front of a TV ....

Whatever happend to real life???
I agree ....

How much virtual life we want to give them? Get them out and let them see and feel the real world!

BUT it may be handy during winter season :-)
OMG don't make people feel guilty, maybe they do go out "in the real world" anyway. Reality is kids like computers and there's no getting away from that. These parents are simply trying to do their best makin sure their kids don't turn into couch potatoes!
You don't stop your kid being a couch potato by buying them a toy to sit on in front of a TV - all that means is they are peddaling potato's.... Buy them a real bike and they can peddle without needing a TV glued to the handlebars...

Or buy them a real bike so they can see the real world instead of sitting … Or buy them a real bike so they can see the real world instead of sitting in front of a TV ....Whatever happend to real life???

So you would be happy letting your four year old out on a bike, on their own, on a dark rainy evening? Now that is spectacular irresponsibilty!

And I bet you have a TV yourself, do you feel guilty watching it?
good price!
games are bloody murder to get in stock anywhere.
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