"Fishing" Catapult For £1 at Poundworld

"Fishing" Catapult For £1 at Poundworld

Found 25th Aug 2015
Not really sure where to put this, but a shelf full of catapults in Poundworld.

Fishing is just one suggested use. But I remember having tons of fun when I was a kid with them

Proper wrist support and everything.

Hours of back garden fun!

Adult supervision suggested
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So if you hit a fish with the catapult... How do you get it to land? Or, do you load up a pre-trained "retriever" fish larger than the one you want to catch, fire it at the fish you want and then it swims back with it? The mind boggles...
Not for fishing, these are for target practice. I would have got one if I knew about them earlier.
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Oh Poundland, where were you when I was in my early teens? :-(
Not into fishing as its a total waste of time but surely a 'fishing catapult' has a cup on it for loading maggots into, or if you're a vandal eggs.... This looks like a standard black widow copy to me.
you fire bait in with them
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