FISHING - Matt Hayes - Lake Escapes DVD for only £5.99?? Is it a mis-price? I don't know!?

FISHING - Matt Hayes - Lake Escapes DVD for only £5.99?? Is it a mis-price? I don't know!?

Found 17th Sep 2006
EDIT - not sure which DVD this is - details on HMV website are very unclear.

Ok guys, I'll tell you the truth. I have absolutely no idea what this is, but it came up in a search engine for £5.99, while it is around the £30 mark at all the other stores....must be a bargain!! LOL! Apparently it's about fishing - so if your brother/father/uncle/nephew/granddad/second cousin twice removed likes fishing - then go for this!

here's a review from The This riveting series finds angler, Matt Hayes, packing his tackle and suitcase for a series of journeys, which takes him from the wilds of the Arctic Circle to the warm riversides of Spain. Part travelogue and part fishing programme, Matt will offer a taste of the delights of short break fishing, letting viewers know where the 'reel' deals can be found.


probably for a four disc boxset. can't see HMV letting this one through the net :lol:

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Ok ok.... I wish I could make sound effects on this forum... you know that one where someone makes a joke and it goes [SIZE=7]Wah [SIZE=5]Wah [/SIZE][SIZE=3]Wah[/SIZE] [/SIZE][SIZE=2]wah[/SIZE].... :grin:

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Addendum - I do find the description from The Hut possibly erroneous - how can a series about fishing be riveting...???

we will have to wait with 'bait'ed breath (sorry couldn't resist) :lol:

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Oh come on centurion - I think you're going a bit too far with these puns.... I might have to "tackle" you about them if you don't ease off :lol:

cod almighty, you do carp on! :lol:

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That's enough of that Centurion!

I suppose anyone who bought this would have to be "hooked" on fishing....

This riveting series

With that description I think The Hut are trying to make a cod out of us.

These are carp jokes.
They're making me feel eel.

its only a one disc dvd acording to hmv website :x so isnt the box set pictured above i dont think

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I'm unsure Jericho... when I found this at ][COLOR=blue]find-dvd[/COLOR], it's listed as the same DVD as the complete series. There are errors somewhere definitely...

I just rang HMV

Supposedly this is only 1 DVD ONLY.

This is not the boxed set as advertised

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Thanks eSimple... I don't know which one it is then, as there seems to be 4 or 5 versions of Lake excapes...

I'll remove the picture from the first post and make a note anyway.

Well HMV have dangled the bait in the hope that you fall for it hook line and sinker, though of course it cod just be a red herring, or they could be trolling for orders or spinning you a line.
For under six squid you could be getting a bargain via the net or be gutted if it turns into an old trout, they may also have made a gaff.
Whatever floats your boat I suppose.

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The man I spoke to said this is a special internet order (pretty much the idea of dropship) They order the quantity from supplier afterwards. He did confirm it is 1 DVD, but then when was Lake Escapes only do 1 DVD ?
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