Fiskars Felling Axe cheap in Homebase - £16.99 should be £29.99

Fiskars Felling Axe cheap in Homebase - £16.99 should be £29.99

Found 22nd May 2010
I just got back from Homebase having reserved one of these online.

I think it is a pricing mistake and £16.99 should be for the cheaper axe that the picture is actually of. However, the description is for the bigger axe that is normally £29.99. Anyway, as they didn't have the smaller axe and I had a printout of what I reserved they put it through at £16.99. I hope this helps someone else as I'm very happy.


The Fiskars Felling Axe is a handy, versatile tool.
Length: 90.5cm.
Weight: 2.74kg.
Usage: Ideal for chopping and cutting wood.
Material: Steel and wood.
Handle details: Wooden.
Due to age restrictions this product cannot be sold to anyone under the age of 18.
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This is the axe I actually got, they just got the descriptions the wrong way round.


That link has the smaller axe's description, but he bigger axe's price and picture!
Does this leave many blood stains?
not sure about the wooden handle, the original fiskars axes are orange and black, they are sometimes badged Wilkinson sword outside of their home markets.
not much need for one of these
A nice big chopper...............
can you use this as security on the house?

can you use this as security on the house?…jpg

Here's Johnny. :-d
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