Fist of Fury/Legend of the Red Dragon/Who Am I? - DVD *New* £3.49 @ eBay / zoomonline

Fist of Fury/Legend of the Red Dragon/Who Am I? - DVD *New* £3.49 @ eBay / zoomonline

Found 11th Oct 2015
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Hong Kong action triple. In 'Fist of Fury' (1972) Chen Chen (Bruce Lee) returns to Shanghai for the funeral of his martial arts mentor, who died in suspicious circumstances. Whilst he is mourning his old friend, members of a rival school arrive and taunt Chen and his friends, who do not react at first. Chen later visits the rival school and humiliates them by beating every single one of them, but this causes bloody repercussions and begins to uncover the real reasons behind the mentor's death. In 'Legend of the Red Dragon' (1994) Kwun (Jet Li) sets out with his son to get revenge after seeing his wife murdered and his whole village razed by evil Manchu soldiers . For years they strive to track down the killers whilst avoiding falling into the clutches of the Manchu army. A chance meeting with a group of Shaolin monks searching for buried treasure guarantees that the Manchu army can't be far behind. But can Kwun take on the killers alone after all this time? In 'Who Am I?' (1998) a lone commando (Jackie Chan) leaps from a crashing helicopter and is left for dead after a sinister CIA double-cross. Wounded and suffering from amnesia, he is discovered sometime later by an African tribe, who offer him a home and nurse him back to health. But as he slowly regains fragments of his memory, the commando realises that he must now go in search of his past and sets off on a dangerous journey which will see him facing assassins and traps at every turn.
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