Fitbit Blaze at Sky Accessories for £100

Fitbit Blaze at Sky Accessories for £100

£100£125.4720%Sky Accessories Deals
Found 11th May
Seems a decent price with £45 off
£20 more if you want the gunmetal version below…all
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Good price
Good price, but connected's a bit rubbish
It's a good price for a half-decent fitness-oriented watch, though the lack of GPS is mildly annoying if you wanted to use it on its own as a running watch. It kind of depends what you want/need really but I would say this is better than the Charge 2 which is a similar price and the smart notifications are pretty good - gave one to my Mum and she really likes it.
Out of stock
Ordered thanks.
playtime19 m ago

Out of stock

Still got small in stock
bought this last month from Argos for £149 so it's a steal at £100
I've had this for 18 months, and used a few other types before this. The best tracker I've ever had, and fitbit's software is particularly a cut above the rest. At this price it seems a no brainer. HOT
Nice watch. Had one for 8 months and it died. Swapped it for watch with GPS which made a lot of difference.
OOS :-(
This or Huawei watch 2?
Sold out 😩
I had one of these that my daughter bought me for Christmas. I then convinced myself that I needed a gps one and bought the Samsung g3 frontier and have deeply regretted giving the Fitbit to my Mrs. My main mistake was not buying an Apple Watch as I have an iPhone as half of the features don’t work and can’t use strava, oh and the gps is not accurate. This is a great little watch and when you have your stride length correct it is very accurate. The software is also from me
Sky aren’t a verified retailer of fitbit so you will not have any warranty with them.
Anyone know if can use the Nike running app with this?
In the 2 years I’ve had this watch it’s rarely shown the right time or synced correctly with my iPhone. I’ve done everything I can to fix it, but either mine is faulty or it has problems with iOS syncing (Android was fine)
Battery life is pretty crap tbh. Had one since Xmas and claims of 4-5 days are BS. Friend has same one and same issues.

If you will charge every 2-3 days at best pretty decent but I don’t really think it’s worth £100 let alone £150.

missus has charge2 and better battery life etc
Not a very good device. Over counts calories massively and has recently stopped detecting steps on my elliptical trainer. HR monitor is very erratic too. My Surge was much better but they fell apart. I've moved to Garmin.
In stock now..... Thanks OP
I’ll sell a new boxed special edition blaze for £90 if anyone is interested
grahambeale16th May

I’ll sell a new boxed special edition blaze for £90 if anyone is interested

Do u have this still?
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