Fitbit Charge HR £90 @ Sainsburys

Fitbit Charge HR £90 @ Sainsburys

Found 14th Apr 2016
Sainsbury's have fitbits down from 120 to 90 in store not sure about online but they have a whole heap of exercise equipment down a 1/3.

For a brand new charge HR I thought this was a great deal.


hot from me. i just got a refurbished garmin hr from amazon warehouse with 20 quid off easter clearance

Good spot, Heat added

Just a note about Fitbit Customer Service - they replaced my daughters damaged 7-month old FB with only an email and a photo (2 year EU warranty), excellent CS.

Was after one for my wife and was the cheapest available thanks.


£94 on Amazon

any ideas why so cold? ??

Nuuuu! I can't get to the store until weds. The online store is only showing the flex. Ah poop.

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any ideas why so cold? ??

I guess 90 is too much for some people


I guess 90 is too much for some people

​hmm ok. I don't get it when people do that. surely it's about the deal and how much you can save etc and not about if you can spend that much? I see it a lot on higher priced items....doesn't help the person who is actually looking for that particular item and its cold even though the actual item is a decent price. sorry rant over....

Any updates on if there are still any Fitbit Charge HRs at Sainsburys?

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I saw some last night in my local Coventry store they had flex and charge HR in stock at 60/90 respectively

They have them in Newbury

Just bought one in Pontypridd. HR £90
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