Fitbit Charge HR, Large, Black £74.99 on Amazon
Fitbit Charge HR, Large, Black £74.99 on Amazon

Fitbit Charge HR, Large, Black £74.99 on Amazon

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Not the cheapest it's ever been, but a good price currently none-the-less. The original Fitbit Charge HR.

Take control of your goals by using Charge HR to record your workouts and track all-day activity like heart rate, steps, distance, calories burned, floors climbed and active minutes. With instant access to every stat, anywhere you go, you don't have to look far for motivation to keep moving.


purple is £75 on debenhams too

Brilliant piece of kit, addictive and there's the Aria scales to go with it , heat added

Won't they be reduced even further on black Friday?

Fantastic little device. Great price. Sadly, not the most robust of things; I habe been through three in just over a year - the first stopped charging and the second two had peeling straps that broke away from the display face. All were looked after and not abused. Amazon were helpful as always and in the end I gave up and am yet to decide if the new Charge 2 is worth exploring.

Heat for the deal. Thanks.

I have to say FItbit's customer service is the best I have ever witnessed. I have never found it easier to get a broken device replaced under warranty.

The web chat people were really helpful and the process was hassle free, got a replacement in 4 days.

Rubbish. I've had 8 faulty units. My Mrs has had 6 faulty, mother in law is on her 2nd and niece on her 2nd.

After 2 replacements for failed batteries on this model Fitbit customer service supplied the latest model (Alta) and that has been superb. Battery now really does last for nearly a week, still only a few months in but it's looking good.
Fitbit customer service rates up there with the best.
Buy one but get ready to replace it once the battery needs recharging every 2-3 days, it will soon drop to every 6-8 hours.

Heat for the price but reckon this will drop further with the new version out.

I swear I only wear mine now to justify the cost of the thing.

Before just steaming in and buying one, you should really consider the pros and cons.

Things to consider -
Do you know other people that use one otherwise the challenges etc become useless
Do you drive a lot? You will find that you get steps while in the car - I'm not Fred Flintstone so not sure how I do it.
HR monitor cannot cope with sudden changes due to exercise (takes a while to catch up - tested against a HR strap and gym equipment).
Only displays caller ID - not text messages etc - the Alta does this and the new Charge HR 2


Won't they be reduced even further on black Friday?

Thats what i was thinking

Like the others above have said the band seems to only last approx 6 months if you wear it daily before peeling/bubbling. I'd avoid this model I've had 2 replacements going on a third.

You can use travelbit on Google play store to cancel out the extra steps for those of you who already own a fitbit (any model). it's a recent new app so the developer is still adding features. I'm hoping for it to turn on once connected to the cars Bluetooth as there was another app called drivebit that did just that but a fitbit update broke the app which is no longer in development.
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